Sunday, 28 August 2011

And in the End...

And in the end, the love you take ... is equal to the love you make.
-The Beatles

This is the last line from the intended last song on the last album recorded by the Beatles.

And this is also the end of The Australian Heroin Diaries.

My journey is over now that I have achieved what I set out to do. I no longer use heroin and have a dwindling interest in our drug policy set out by silly politicians. It is a new chapter in my life that involves a new location, a new attitude, a new start and possible even a new love interest.

I have learned a lot since I first started this site back in 2007. I have also met some inspirational people who kept me writing day after day. But, in the end, what has changed? 

There is a slow but steady change in attitude building throughout the world. The constant barrage of scientific data and quantified research is chipping away at the misconceptions that been pounded into our psyche for the last 100 years. The constant reminder of a failed drug war is taking hold as society starts to question why the problem only ever gets worse. The current scrutiny of the Murdoch empire is finally raising awareness about the incredible power that the trash media can wield, ultimately influencing governments in their drug policies. Ex presidents, ex prime ministers and some brave politicians are starting to take a stand and speak out against the draconian drug laws that are wreaking so much havoc and carnage throughout the world. Social commentators and editorial writers are speaking like never before. Yes, many things have changed and attitudes are still evolving albeit, very slowly.

Unfortunately though, there still remains many groups and individuals who refuse to accept the science and facts. These largely ideologically driven protagonists are often driven by a force much more powerful than facts and research. They formulate many of their views from religious faith which in itself is just a personal conviction with no evidence or facts. Faith has no place in a field like drug policy which is a medical issue and needs to be based on cold, hard evidence. If anything, someone who has faith in a loving god should practice what they preach. Banging up drug addicts in jail or ruining their lives is as hypocritical as it gets.

I need to thank so many people for a variety of reasons but it would require several pages to list them all. Although I received some criticism and nasty comments, the bulk of readers have offered nothing but support. It has been an emotional journey for me and as corny as it sounds, I could not have gone on for so long without the incredible kindness of so many people. 

Thanks to:
Paul Gallagher(Firesnake)
Ant Rogenous
Michael Gormly(Kings Cross Times)
Paul Dessauer
Puja from Mumbai
Bob Affenhaus
Michelle(The Red Pill Survival Guide)
Dave Gaukroger(Dave From Albury/Pure Poison)
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Gino Vumbaca
Tony Trimingham(Family Drug Support )
Nicholas Cowdery
Mark O'Brien
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Reb(Gutter Trash)
Mr. Orange
SickGirl(Methadone Pretty)
Christians Against Prohibition
Kieran Bennett
Donna Weiss Kloppenburg
Ross Sharp (The Wittiest Writer on the blogosphere) 
Ben Pobjie
Michael Slezak(Good Bad and Bogus)
Grods Corp
Jeremy Sear
Scott Bridges
Bridget Gread
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Jim Brown(On Probation Blog)
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Marginalutility (The Virtues Of Vice)
We Speak Methadone (Forum)
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Marion & Brian McConnell(Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform)
Free Schapelle Campaign Group
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Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative
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Darryl Mason(The Orstrahyun)
and of course Anonymous who posted so many comments.

A special thanks to Mrs Wright for putting up with me for so long. I will love this woman forever and she will remain an important part of my life.

Also, a special thanks to my family, especially my father who encouraged and supported me unconditionally. Thanks Dad.

If I have left anyone out, you know who you are.