Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Liberal Party Can't Shake Off Howard's Australia

On the Liberal Party website, a statement made in January 2008 from Shadow Minister for Justice & Border Protection, Christopher Pyne shows the irony of the political party with an inappropriate name. Christopher Pyne makes a stunning attack on Kevin Rudd declaring he is not being 'tough on drugs'. Citing the experts in all things moral, The Herald-Sun, Pyne says a survey by the Hun indicates Australians want zero tolerance on drugs because a poll showed that more than 64% of respondents believed the AFL should adopt a one-strike policy towards players caught using illicit substances. Using his powers of deduction, Pyne has told Rudd he needs to make it clear that his government supports a zero-tolerance approach in the war on drugs. Yes, Pyne actually uses the term 'War on Drugs'.

Pyne continues with his bombastic views about Labor being divided over drug policy and points out Duncan Kerr who happens to have a different view than himself. 

'The Labor party room is divided in its attitudes to drugs. Duncan Kerr, a member of Mr Rudd’s frontbench, is the convenor of the Parliamentarians for Drug Law Reform. This group supports decriminalisation and harm-reduction policies ahead of a tough, no-nonsense approach.'

Then over to another evil immoral parliamentarian who let Australia slide into the gutter.

'Furthermore, Bob Debus, the minister responsible for the Federal Police drug enforcement efforts, previously presided as Attorney-General over a state with some of the weakest drug legislation in the country. Is this the approach he will bring to the war on drugs?'

And this cracker:

'It’s time for Kevin Rudd to commit to the Coalition’s Tough on Drugs Strategy and pull his colleagues into line who don’t support a policy that saw illicit drug use reduced from 22% to 15% under the previous government.'

The truth is that as the heroin surge abated, a large percentage of users got treatment or died due to draconian attitudes of the government and ilicit drug use then dropped lower than the stated 15%. What he doesn't tell us is that under Howard's strict watch, an Ice epidemic hit Australia and the figures were then made up by an increase in the new Ice users. They were too stupid to pick up on it. Too busy kissing the arse of the religious right. Too busy moving the heroin hot spots from one place to another. Too busy running drug policies past fringe church groups and weird evangelist preachers. The AFP and Australian law enforcement stopped less than 15% of heroin coming into Australia but arrested more users than ever before, branding them with criminal records. This is success to Christopher Pyne. The rate of heroin use has just gone back to where it was before the huge influx started. Good work.

Zero Tolerance, the policy that The Liberals want so badly is judged by human rights groups as one of the silliest, absolutely useless and most dangerous policies possible. Silly because it causes more problems than it solves. Useless because it has never worked ... ever. Dangerous because ... it kills people and cause more damage and crime than alcohol prohibition in the 1930s.

Over the years it has started to sink in for most people as we try to unravel our contrived views from the many years of drug hysteria and misinformation. Most sensible people now understand that the issue is more complex than first thought, jail doesn't help addicts and being 'tough' is a political slogan. That constant challenge to be 'tough on drugs' is just a political rant to declare publicly that whoever they are attacking is 'soft on drugs', It is really a call to be as 'stupid as us',  Those who are involved with the drug issue know more of the facts and most want drastic changes to a broken system, out of the hands of politicians and into the medical sphere. Amazingly though there are still some like Christopher Pyne who for some reason cannot comprehend simple facts and figures. He contributes to how drug policies are developed and it would be assumed he has actually researched the important issues he is dealing with. It is obvious he hasn't. How these dangerous, misinformed people are allowed to be involved with a policy that has so much at stake is just fucking extraordinary.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Government To Get Tough On Drugs In Sport ... Again

Oh dear, here we go again. Drugs in sport was such a hot issue ... until Howard stopped raising it. Fortunately, he couldn't say anymore because he wasn't, ahhhh wasn't, because he wasn't PM anymore.


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Jail For Treating A Medical Condition

In 1999, The ABC reported on Dr Philip Nitschke, the founder of the pro-euthanasia group Exit. Only it wasn't about one of his 'right to die' campaigns but about events in his previous life as a GP in Darwin.

Darwin in the 1990s had an usual drug scene in that heroin was hard to get and was subsequently very low quality. This led to most opiate addicts using morphine. The road to heroin often starts with someone addicted to an opiate who has to feed their addiction and the limited choices on the street means heroin is usually the only opiate available. In Darwin though, a lack of heroin created an unusually large morphine market. Morphine is only available via a prescription from a doctor unlike heroin which is made by organised crime with unknown quality and added contaminants from being cut down by dealers. The advantages to a user is that morphine is made by legitimate drug manufactures so it's clean and has a set strength, Users know exactly how much they are taking so overdoses are rare. The opiate addicts in Darwin were little trouble to the police or society, aided by the fact that some addicts received their morphine through a prescription from a doctor for pain management.

During the late 1990s, the Health Insurance Commission noticed that Darwin's doctors prescribed more morphine that the whole of NSW. Alarmed at the heavy prescribing of morphine, the HIC issued severe warnings to local doctors which ended the balance in Darwin's illegal heroin/morphine scene. Instead of studying why the overdose rate was virtually zero and why crime to obtain opiate based drugs was so low, the government dished out harsh penalties to doctors who treated addicted patients. 

It's worth noting that most countries have always been allowed to treat addiction with opiates or the actual drug they were addicted to ... until the US declared a 'War on Drugs' in 1971. This included modifying the UN resolution for the control of narcotics which most countries had signed back in 1962. Prior to the 'War on Drugs', robbery, assaults and fraud by opiate addicts to obtain their drugs was virtually unknown and police drug squads are a modern day development.

Penalties of $2,000 or two years imprisonment for any doctor who treats addiction as an illness where that addiction does not arise in the context of any other medical condition.

Basically, doctors could not treat patients for addiction alone -  doctor could only treat a medical condition. If a doctor treats addiction, they are committing a crime. The irony is that addiction is a recognised medical condition - the law doesn't actually make sense in the strictest terms. More alarming though, is the need to prohibit certain drugs to certain people for an agenda. The welfare of the patient was secondary to this agenda which is not based on medical or scientific facts. The agenda was political and moralistic. The ACT heroin trials had just been rejected by the government and Howard had made it clear that drug policy was a moral issue. No amount of medical science or research was going to change that.

Dr Philip Nitschke:

'I found myself in the situation time and time again where the choice was either to turn your back on an addicted patient or to prescribe morphine. It was far better medically to prescribe morphine for people like this than to turn them back out on the street. No way is it reasonable to legally challenge or threaten doctors who try to act in those very unsatisfactory circumstances.'

Now the crunch. NT is the only jurisdiction which doesn't have a fully comprehensive drug rehabilitation service - NO methadone maintenance program. Suddenly, all these addicts had no realistic treatment option except street supplied heroin. This of course lead to a huge increase in crime, overdoses and extra police to fight this new problem. Darwin has never recovered. The government had this bizarre explanation. 

Stephen Dunham, NT Health Minister:

'In analysing the decision, the Government was not of the view that any of the States with methadone maintenance programs could adequately demonstrate that they'd reduce things they'd set out to do, like lawlessness, drug overdoses, the criminal behaviour that often accompanies illicit drug use, so our belief was that while the policy end of it would say that it's a very good intervention, a quick analysis would show that often that's not the case.'

The ABC report had the last word:

Habits previously supervised by doctor's script and financed by public money will now be subject to the hazards and vagaries of the street. - Watch Darwin's crime statistics.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Soft Sentences in Vic, Nixon's Joke Taskforce & More Dead in DrugWar

10 More Police Dead

The good ol' US and their wacky 'War on Drugs' is fun, fun, fun.

A Colombia court has convicted 15 soldiers for murder after a local drug baron gave the order to kill 10 officers from the police narcotics division. It seems the drug baron didn't like the Columbian narcotics division so he paid an Army colonel and 14 other soldiers to remove the problem. Such is the reach and power of having so much money earned from illicit drugs.

The local drug baron is purely a result of the US enforcing their moralistic and religious drug policy that kills thousands of people each week. They literary spend billions on forcing crop eradication upon unwilling countries, incarcerating millions of their own citizens or funding law enforcement agencies yet they won't allow federal money to be spent on programs like needle exchanges that save lives in their own homeland.

I think we have seen enough of the 'War on Drugs' to know that it doesn't work. After 35 years and trillions of dollars spent worldwide, drugs are now cheaper, stronger and more readily available than ever before.

Nixon's Task Force a Joke

The illicit drug market is artificial. It only exists because of prohibition that was created by religious groups to further their cause. This artificial market is worth $400 billion dollars per year to organised crime and with most of it being cash and untraceable it becomes very tempting for the police who deal with this on a daily basis. A few members of the notorious Melbourne drug squad fell victim to these temptations and it took 70 full time investigators, analysts and public prosecutors to catch them. 

Now the task force involved is receiving medals from the Victorian Police Chief Commissioner, Christine Nixon. WTF? ... she should be embarrassed. After 6 years of investigations, 121 cases of corruption were investigated. A grand total of 7 police officers were prosecuted. The task force Ceja was just another gimmick in Nixon's bag of publicity tricks and in the end, did virtually nothing in terms of benefiting Victoria.

What if the police stopped going to extraordinary lengths to catch drug dealers and users and actually concentrated on crime that really can be stopped. The drug market has a hierarchy system that protects those at the top and the more pressure you put on illicit drugs, the harder it is to get the kingpins. But we already know this and as long as governments and the public service play politics with drug policy, we are never going to progress. 

The money is just too good and too easy to make so it is almost impossible to stop this type of corruption. As soon as one bent cop is removed someone will take his place. Surely it's time to try something different because the current system hasn't ever worked.

End Soft Sentences, Says Soft Head Prosecutor

EXCLUSIVE: THE state's top prosecutor will challenge the Court of Appeal to set tougher sentences for drug traffickers, murderers and frauds.


The Director of Public Prosecutions, Jeremy Rapke, QC believes some crimes had been "devalued" by light sentences. He is concerned that judges are too lenient with their sentences and it doesn't reflect the standards of the community. Maybe sentences are too light. I don't know but I suspect a judge is smarter enough to understand the pros & cons of sentencing. But to include drugs on par with murder and sex crimes is just ludicrous. It's really time that these crusaders stop taking the easy road and throwing up drugs as the evil scourge of society. Most intelligent or informed people know there's a disparity here but to go ahead and use it anyway because it plays well with the MSM is disgraceful. They are playing with people's lives.

In this age of knowledge and scientific advancement, we should be progressing towards a civil, modern and balance society. We have such advanced technology that gives us incredible advantages over previous generations. We have made massive leaps in medical, scientific and social knowledge that gives us much more insight into issues facing society. The internet gives nearly everyone instant access to most of the information known by mankind and we are able to research nearly any issue that confronts us. Why then do we constantly ignore evidence and science and maintain drug polices that should have never even began.

Why can't we get past the process of letting government ideologues use their personal, religious, moral or political ambitions to influence scientific and medical issues? Drug use is a medical and health issue but has always been treated as a law & order problem. We know this is wrong and all the penalties in the world has never deterred drug use or drug suppliers. We have the facts and plenty of experience and even years of research. Why then, are we so thick? 

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Qld. Drug Laws, Amy vs Hypocrites & Methadone on Trial

New Queensland Drug Laws - A Step Back in Time

Queensland have slipped back 20 years and have introduced tougher new drug laws. They were passed by Queensland parliament this week. The land of the sunburnt braincell has just discovered the 35 year old 'War on Drugs'. 

Queensland Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Kerry Shine said:

'Tough new drug laws passed by state parliament will act as a serious deterrent'

The maximum penalties for possession and trafficking of ecstasy (MDMA) is to increase from 20 to 25 years in jail. What makes these changes so futile is that it has been proven over & over again that harsher penalties do not subdue the demand for drugs or slow down the suppliers one little bit. What we do know is that harsher penalties increase prices that dealers charge to accommodate the higher risks. Never enough to stop casual users but enough to cause addicts to resort to crime for their addiction. Ecstasy doesn't really have a problem with addiction levels as rarely do we get ecstasy addicts but still, the higher prices just make more money for the dealers.

''We are determined to fight the increase in drug use in our society and these laws provide a serious deterrent to anyone thinking of becoming involved in the illegal drug trade'

Obviously having never looked outside his backyard, Kerry Shrine has swallowed the guliible 'tough on drugs' line and set Queensland back 20 years. With bonehead policies purely based on emotion and American TV cop shows, it is no wonder the illegal drug market grows each year. Surely these people check the facts and do a little research before spending millions of dollars and effecting so many lives ... surely? If these decision makers worked in the private sector, their hairbrain schemes would never get past the first meeting and they would be questioned as to why they didn't do the proper research before wasting everyone's time on ideas that will never work. 

'... the tough new laws had also increased the maximum penalty for the unlawful possession, supply or trafficking of Valium, Sarapax, steroids, Rohypnol or Flunitrazepam and ephedrine to 20 years imprisonment.'

Maybe the most idiotic change is the increased penalty for prescription drugs. Many people who abuse prescription drugs are not always aware they have a problem. If they do have a problem, surely it's a medical problem and no matter how many times this subject is revisited, jail is still no substitute for hospital. Previously, the maximum penalty for  trafficking was five years imprisonment and possession had a maximum of two years. That is going up to 20 years ... a stiffer penalty than manslaughter, rape & armed robbery! I would hate to be a doctor in Queensland at the moment. Doctors are susceptible to the honesty of their patients and risk going to jail for doing their job. Does this mean that if we actually need these medications then we may not get them due to the fear a doctor has of going to jail? Insane.

It seems these new laws will only deter doctors from prescribing suitable medication because they certainly won't deter anyone involved with illicit drugs. This is not just stupid but also dangerous. Why do we sit back and let these knobheads make laws and policies that do not even meet the minimum criteria of actually ever working? Why aren't they held accountable for the continuing damage they do to people's lives? Why are they allowed to spend millions of dollars of our money on unworkable theories that have failed thousands of times before? Questions need to be asked.

Methadone on Trial in Court

"Methadone Mum" Acquitted: as is just

DFA Watch gives a great insight into the trial of Julie Anne Austin, a woman charged with murder of her daughter. As the article rightly points out, it wasn't really Julie Austin on trial but methadone itself.

Amy Winehouse vs The Hypocrites

If it's not the press giving it to Amy Winehouse then whose job is it? Well it seems a few famous drug addicts have popped up to preach to Amy that she is unsuitable to be part of their world. Probably the most famous junkie on earth, Keef Richards is upset at Amy's habits. During an interview, Keef said:

'She should get her act together, Apart from that, I have got nothing to say to the bitch.'

And toxic twin, Mick Jagger said:

'When we were experimenting with drugs, little was known about the effects. In our time there were no rehab centres like today. Anyway, I did not know about them.'

Ha, yes there were plenty of detox clinics and yes you did know the effects, Mick ... you just couldn't be bothered looking. At least Amy is trying to do something. Mick also tried to explain that drugs were an important part of the music scene. And now there're not?


It seems Natalie Cole has also got advice for Amy. Natalie doesn't think Amy Winehouse deserved her Grammy awards and they should have gone to R'n'B stars Beyonce or Rihanna, both personal friends of Cole.

'I think she has a great talent, but I don’t agree with the Grammys giving her those nods. I think it sends the wrong message, that even in the midst of her stupor of drugs she can get nominated for all these awards. It’s a slap in the face to musicians and artists who work very hard that they turn around and give it to someone who really obviously doesn’t have a grasp of what she has. I’ve been in this business over 25 years and I sacrificed five years of my own life on drugs and almost lost my life because of it. So I take great offense to almost see someone getting glory out of being in the position that they’re in - she needs to get her life together and embrace her craft.'

Natalie Cole is a hypocrite! A fucked up, loose arse hypocrite! The worst sort ... a self important, moralising hypocrite with an agenda.

What if she won an award during her rehab stint? I bet it would be different. Natalie Cole was addicted to crack & heroin and even served jail time for drug possession. Somehow that was different but Nicole doesn't explain why.

The awards are for music and not personality or being a certain type of role model. If, everyone in the music business needed to be clean before winning awards - there would be no awards. I suggest Nicole learns to deal with jealousy.

Another of Cole's friends got in on the act as well. Janet Jackson Said:

'I hear where Natalie is coming from, and I think she would understand it better than I could because she’s been there. She’s been addicted to drugs and had those issues. I could see her side of it, for sure, and it’s kind of a catch-22 for myself, because it does feel like someone is being rewarded for a negative act. And then I think about it, and I’m not saying it’s right, but the music business has always been about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.'

Some people have forgotten that Amy Winehouse won these awards for music? Janet & Natalie are both god fearing Christians and Natalie often thanks God for saving her from drugs but like a lot of born again Christians, when someone else needs saving, their on their own.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Daily Telegraph, Moron Enhancing Drugs & Porn Prison

Who Reads The Daily Telegraph

I always get angry as I read through their website but then I start to lighten up. Then I start to laugh ... I actually laugh out aloud. The Daily Telegraph is arse paper, paper for wiping shit away and flushing down the toilet. The readers / commentators are morons, it employs Tim Blair, the most overrated writer in Australia and it considers Piers Ackerman a journalist. It seeks out the knockers, the loud mouths, the bigots. It stirs up trouble and then looks for a reaction ... usually from the conservatives who love to preach so much. Their are no standards here, anyone and everyone is a target. They have no shame and will report anything to get a reaction from readers ... whether it's true or not. This is not journalism, it's infotainment. Think Heath Ledger.

Below are two examples of this great Aussie newspaper.

Moron Enhancing Drugs

Well Fuck Me! Why are some NRL supporters soooo stupid ... especially those that are Daily Telegraph readers. They are a species of bozzo that could not be properly explained by Darwin. 

Former test captain, Andrew (Joey) Johns scored number one in a recent poll by Rugby League Week magazine to determine the best player from the past three decades. Rugby League Week magazine also has a title for a group of the best players ever called 'The Immortals' and they are now considering Andrew Johns as the next member of this elite group. The Daily Telegraph reported the story and surprisingly only had a small reference to drugs. 

Last year and only three months into his retirement, Johns made an admission of using recreational drugs all throughout his career. It of course shocked many and even with the disclosure that he suffers from bipolar, it failed to stop the stampede of critics calling for his head on a stick. Johns later revealed in his autobiography that he was now clean and explained his drug use as probably due to the pressure to succeed. This also failed to impress and the usual suspects of knockers, moralist and even the then PM, John Howard, declared Andrew Johns a disgrace.

The comments in the The Daily Telegraph were pathetic with ignorance. Many readers somehow confused recreational drugs with performance enhancing drugs. About every 5th comment called him a drug cheat and many of those also called him a liar. He was neither. Every so often someone would explain the difference but they kept coming - Andrew Johns is a drug cheat! Someone did point out that taking recreational drugs would actually hinder his performance, not enhance it. One commentator (dogforlife of downtownbne) obviously read about the differences but came up with his own conclusion. 

'...He is a drug cheat and yes it is performance enhancing, he used it to blow off steam and cope with the pressure of public life, therfore enhancing his capacity to cope with the pressures surrounding such employment ...'

Oh dear god, who are these morons? They all like to think they are moral pundits but without the necessary qualifications or required discipline to do research but they are simply loud mouth self important bogans. The sad fact that he suffers from bipolar is bad enough but to know so many bogans can't comprehend this disorder must have some effect on him. He never asked for help or made any excuses. He paid for his drugs and there wasn't any public displays of intoxication. He didn't grope anyone or get arrested. He played magnificent football and kept at peak fitness. He did what he was paid to do and more. 

The IQ of these readers must be below average and The Daily Telegraph just draws them into one place, like flies around a turd. The following quote sums up most of the nasty comments. (steve of the shire) said this:

'... in any other sport johns would have had to return all medals & honours. drugs in sport is not on, johns admits to being a junkie & lying to the footy world for 10 years, now he get srewarded with league immortality - sorry m8, not me ...'

Film Night in Porn Prison

Story Here

Oh dear, a recreation officer working at a juvenile detention centre rented Wrong Turn 2: Dead End which is R-rated and it was shown to a group of inmates. It never mentions how old they are but does claim one inmate was 15. the The female recreation officer has been roasted for not checking the rating. More importantly, she should have checked IMDB to see how bad the acting was. Apparently is it a woeful movie. The Daily Telegraph ignores the acting and directing and instead is screaming blue murder at the content ... typical. The Daily Telegraph describes the film as:

R-rated slasher film, which featured nudity and sex scenes. 

The film also includes an incest scene between two flesh-eating zombies. Other scenes include a woman being cleaved in half with an axe.

The newspaper also had more revelations:

The Daily Telegraph understands two of the inmates were serving sentences for sex-related crimes yet were exposed to an oral sex scene and semi-naked women.

The Daily Telegraph often likes to quote extreme views and this time it's the 'children's saviour', Former Children's Court magistrate Barbara Holborow:

'Where do they get these people from? When you put a child into a detention centre it's not just to punish them, it's to rehabilitate and educate them, How can you rehabilitate kids if you're going to show them filth like that. Whoever the person is, they should be sacked.'

Maybe these little angels had their world turned upside down and probably will never recover from such 'filth'. Maybe showing our young these movies is evil and their souls are now lost forever. Maybe these hugely popular movies made especially for male teenagers are the source of corrupt morals and who knows where they will be in 10 years time? Maybe a diet of the Home Alone series or The Incredibles is more appropriate for these young, vulnerable minds. The important issue is; unless people stop upsetting the self righteous and the morals crusaders, The Daily Telegraph will run out of stories.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Fantasy Drug Busts & Health Budget Disgrace

$Million in Drug Busts ... So What?

Over $1 million worth of marijuana plants found in a Liverpool house. In costal SA, more than 430 cannabis plants, worth more than $500,000. Cocaine & heroin worth $500,000 were found in three pairs of shoes at Brisbane International Airport ... So what?

The estimated illicit drug market produces an economy worth 400,000,000,000 per year. That is every year and growing. ...400 billion dollars per year! That is 8% of the world economy. The absolute cracker is ... it is all created by one moral ideal - prohibition. Alcohol prohibition was the very ideal that was abandoned in 1933 because it created so much profit for organised crime, created violence & gang warfare on the streets, produced contaminated substances that killed people, forced addicted people to be ostracised and yet didn't cut the amount consumed at all. Sound familiar?  Yep, today we create the drug market by trying to stop it. Of course it all comes back to rest on the US and one policy from the 1970s that gets passed from government to government - The War on Drugs.


If half a million dollars in 3 pairs of shoes gets stopped at customs, what actually gets through? The AFP estimate only about 15-20% get stopped at customs so if we take Kelty on his history and add in the drug propaganda, that means 10% gets stopped. Then divide that by 10 to include the reality factor and to cover their arse ...that leaves a shitload of drugs getting into Australia. If 3 pairs of shoes are worth $500,000, imagine a container full ... mmm 50 million at least. A few of those a week and ... mmm a few hundred million or more and 52 weeks is ... mmm A LOT OF DRUGS!!!

The shoe smuggler faces up to 25 years in jail if she is convicted. That's a hefty sentence but as we have seen with the Bali Nine, nothing will deter people if the price is right.

Over to SA...

I especially love it when the police get behind the confiscated stash for a publicity shot and then claim they are making a difference to the drug industry. 

At the West Coast local service head quarter, area Chief Inspector Brad Flaherty said.

"This is a prime example of a disruption to the drug trade, While there have been some reports and arrests the objective was to disrupt the cultivation and eventual trade of cannabis within the state ... In this case, the operation has been successful."

Ho ho ho. Very good indeed. I bet the whole of the SA marijuana market are in a frenzy with $500,000 ($AFP to $AUD conv: $125,000) worth pulled out of the $3,000,000,000 market. 

Meanwhile, back at the $million drug house...

The NSW Police Minister, David Campbell had his 'drug propaganda' handbook ready and read off this statement:

"A million dollars' worth of drugs that could have been sold to our kids is now off the streets as a result of an anonymous tip-off" 

Just in case you want to get some revenge on someone you don't like, he promoted the 'dob in your neighbour' strategy:

"I'd like to formally thank that person for coming forward and encourage others to do the same."

Health Budget Disgrace - No Money for Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Figures from an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report show that only $11 million is spent each year on drug prevention. To make this worse, the spending for the prevention of smoking was only $3.6 million. Alcohol prevention gets a whopping $1.2 million. (From 2004 - 2006, there was only one national alcohol-harm-reduction program. That was axed by the Howard government.)

This is serious folks - this is the official figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2005/2006.

We spend 56% of total government drug expenditure 
on law enforcement and customs.

Diary: Another Update on Methadone vs Morphine

Well, did I get some good news or what ... SROM (slow release oral morphine) might be an option for me. Though rarely handed out, the specialist informed me that he has previously applied to the health department for a morphine permit for an existing methadone patient. It is rare for this to happen due to Australia's health policy and it took me to ask the specific question to get an answer. 

He carefully went through every other option and continually made notes being very careful to gauge if I was legitimate or not. The appointment went for over an hour which is along time for a specialist of his calibre. He was very thorough and would often pause to think, sometimes up to 2 minutes. If you have ever sat starring at a doctor for 2 minutes in silence, it can be eerie. 

Does he believe me? Have I tripped myself up?, Is he asleep? The result is not straight forward as he needs to discuss the option with the local D & A counsellor I had met with previously and my methadone doctor. He has recommended I go on anti-depressants again and see a shrink for 3 months. If this fails, he then has more of a case for the health department to give me SROM. 

God, I am so glad that there might finally be some relief in sight. I wish like hell methadone worked better for me so I could get my life back but after nearly 10 years, I am sure I need to try something else. 

The vital element to dealing with substitute treatments is to have options. The government needs to listen to the specialists - the more options, the better. Drug addiction is extremely complex but add into the mix, mental health issues and you have a medical minefield called Dual Diagnosis or Co-occurring Disorders (COD). 

It is hard enough for medical experts to grasp but somehow politicians (and much of the public) don't have a problem with recommending a solution ... jail. 

Each addict has unique reasons and situations for their condition and having only a few options is the result of irresponsible health policy. Abstinence is the best option and should be the ultimate goal. If that doesn't work, then counselling and substitute treatment if needed. Substitute treatment is very limited at the moment and we have many viable options at our fingertips but the politicians are too weak to let them be trailed especially diacetylmorphine (heroin).

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Australian, Religious Right, Huckabee and Australia's Worst Poet

The Australian Speaks the Truth about Drugs?

An article last Friday in the Australian explains the scepticism of today's youth when confronted with drug propaganda. It's refreshing that The Australian has taken an almost polar view to other Murdoch papers and equally refreshing that many older Australians are going to be shocked. Shocked that youth don't believe what they have believed for years for years ... that all drugs are evil (unless it's alcohol or tobacco) and all use leads to addiction.

Note: I know of 2 people aside from myself who have added a comment to The Australian article but after 4 days, the comment count has not changed?

Australia's Religious Right

These three articles from firesnake.org give an insight into an incredible story that will seem impossible in a few years time. The rise of the religious right and the influence on Howard's government is documented in detail with some surprising revelations. These are must read articles.

Australias Religious Right: Part 1

Australias Religious Right: Part 2

Australias Religious Right: Part 3

Most Powerful Scary Man on Earth?

Though it's probably not going to happen, there is a slight chance that Mike Huckabee might become the American president - the most powerful man on earth. The scariest of the possibilities obviously needs some research. 

Here's a few facts:

Mike Huckabee once said on TV he has a degree in theology ... he doesn't.

He believes the earth was made in 7 days.

He believes dinosaurs roamed the earth with man

He believes a really big boat carried all the animals, bacteria, insects to saftey after a very big flood and fresh water & salt water fish can live together.

Has been investigated on 14 occasions by the ethics commission.

Mike wants to change the US constitution to permanently ban abortion

...and he actually said this when asked about the growing number of delegates for John McCain: 

'I didn’t major in math ... I majored in miracles and I still believe in them, too.' 

Australia's Worst Poet

Dr. John Ray is that person. I first read one of his poems on GrodCorp.  Incidentally a few posts on has the funniest picture ever of Dr. John Ray. It's a cracker! Anyway, I was so enthralled with the poem titled Sweet Music that when I threw my head back with laughter, I kicked my foot out and hit it on the leg of my desk and hurt myself. Damn poets.

I know it's probably old news but poetry like this needs to stay relevant.

Poetry Here

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Dumb Answers, Scientology & Morons

The Dumbest Answers

Website www.jumpingjacksbar.com have compiled the worst answers from quiz show contestants. They offer an award called the "Dumb Down" Gold Medal. Here are the contenders:

Presenter: What happened in Dallas on November 22,1963?

Contestant: I don't know, I wasn't watching it then

Presenter: Which American actor is married to Nicole Kidman?

Contestant: Forrest Gump

Presenter: In which country is Mount Everest?

Contestant: Er, it's not in Scotland is it?

Presenter: Name a film starring Bob Hoskins that is also the name of a famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci

Contestant: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Presenter: In which European city was the first opera house opened in 1637?

Contestant: Sydney

Presenter: How long did the Six-Day War between Egypt and Israel last?

Contestant: (after long pause) Fourteen days

Presenter: Where did the D-Day landings take place?

Contestant: (after pause) Pearl Harbor?

Presenter: What is the currency in India

Contestant: Ramadan

Presenter: Johnny Weissmuller died on this day. Which jungle-swinging character clad only in a loin cloth did he play?

Contestant: Jesus

Scientology Gets Some Attention

This from enturbulation.org

At the moment there is a large protest happening at every Scientology "Church" & center worldwide organized for the 10th Febuary 2008. This will be the first organized protest to be happening simultaneously and with an incredible amount of people attending, from all walks of life. If you would like to get involved with the picketing or simply wish to witness this amazing effort as it unfolds, I urge you to visit our forums.


Yesterday in Sydney

Dumb Fuck Morons

The Daily Telegraph is the Sydney edition of Murdoch's trash tabloid collection that has been establish in each major state. Along with the Herald-Sun, AdelaideNow, The Courier Mail & PerthNow, there is wall to wall celebrity gossip, lots of sport and good ol' self righteous preaching. The highlight for me though are the readers comments. It keeps me grounded to what what sort of country we really are. It completely backs my theory that voting should not be compulsory or even a right but a privilege that needs to be earned. Like the Chaser, that  flashes up a quote on your TV when someone is undeniably stupid - "This person votes!". The readers comments from the Murdoch rags are often scary and when I read them sometimes I get mixed images of Kath & Kim, Stan Zemanek, Bromwyn Bishop, Col'n Carpenter, Jeff McMullen and Corey.

The other day Ben Cousins announced to the world that he did indeed have a drug problem. He used his announcement to support the World Boxing Association's initiative against drugs , "KO to Drugs" and made a public statement at Mundine's gym in Redfern, Sydney. He was joined by  Sonny Bill and Olympic gold medallist Nova Peris-Kneebone.

Cousins said:

"I am someone who has lost my livelihood, the thing that I enjoy doing most and, probably more than that (I have let down) a lot of the people who are close to me, family and friends.

"At the end of the day I ran the gauntlet, deep down don't think I really had a choice. The very things that make me a great footballer are some of the things that led me to fall into those sorts of traps. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say I have had a drugs problem because for a lot of people they don't choose to do it, in a lot of ways it chooses them.

"From a medical point of view, drug addiction is an illness. It's a very, very hard thing for people who haven't experienced it to get their head around."

All very straight forward so far and any initiative that may help young people avoid addiction is welcome. Whether his heart was in it is irrelevant. What he said is not easy and he had other options available that would be far less trouble. The response though was disgusting ... well maybe not for the Murdoch newspaper readers. I put my views in and was shouted down fairly quickly. I noticed that some readers hadn't actually read my posts and responded as per typical drug hysteria.

"I NEVER HAD A CHOICE" Here we go again, no choice, it's an illness, i am a victim. What a load of rubbish, now he wants to be seen as a bloody hero for overcoming the terrible things that this cruel world has inflicted on him through no fault of his own. Grow up.

downtoearth of Coffs Hbr

Clueless moron

Ben you had a choice when you chose to take drugs,there is only one person to blame and that is yourself,I know it is a sickness but you chose that sickness,I wish you all the best.

Fay Stone of Sydney 

Oh dear ... another moron. We all want to choose addiction and mental health issues

Terminal Cancer is an "illness"- these dopes are just indulging themselves at the public's expense. Why don't you work for Camp Quality or Canteen Ben? All I can see here is a pair of conceited fools who are reasonably good at sporting games.

Blonde Ambition of Sydney

Blonde Bimbo gets one point right ... idolising of celebrities. Still a dumb fuck though

Highly staged...insufferable arrogance

franco of Sydney 

Why ... Why is this arrogance?

Self important, self indulgent loud mouths ... Not Cousins or Mundine but some of the readers. I love these armchair moralists who spew out so many conceited opinions with no truth to them. It's fair enough if you don't like Cousins or Mundine but mixing up your dislike for someone with some 1950s style rant about drug addiction just makes you look foolish. No wonder some of the community still think drug addiction only happens because some people are weak or have no will power. It's because rockapes like downtoearth of Coffs Hb(2) & Fay Stone of Sydney(3) keep dribbling their sanctimonious crap that are nothing but old urban myths. Do some research before you mouth off ... a few minutes on Google and your silly comments start to look like they were written by some primary school student. 10 years from now when Cousins and co are history, drug addiction will be treated as a health issue like diabetics. Stick to rubbishing these people when they actually do something wrong. Targeting people you hate because they're drug addicts is just a modern day version of targeting gays 20 years ago and targeting blacks before that. So passé.

Terry Wright 

I was getting so pissed off by the moronic opinions so I gave my own moronic opinion

Once again half you fools cannot see that this group could change some lives by what they are trying to do. I for one congratulate them all and if it stops one kid black or white from trying drugs,them so be it. I seem to remember some drunking fool radio commentator being busted for riding a scooter with a pillion passenger how stupid is that,so from me put a sock in it and look past your own ego. Anything that can be done to get this shit off our streets is a good thing. Terry Wright you hit the nail on the head.

Darkie McMillan of Sydney 

Its apologists like Terry @ 12:53 PM that are the root of the problem. Are you for real? I can't recall the last time i was robbed or assaulted by a diabetic? Can you Terry? Can you enlighten us with some of your google research? Sounds very clinical to me, just how do drugs enter ones body like a mysterious illness? Are you comparing cancer suffers, with junkies? If you want to clean up after the self-indulgent thats fine, but didn't expect many others to share your view.

Hati of Sydney 

Some fuckheads don't even read what they're slagging. Where do they get their arguments from?

Hati is right- I would have sided with the naive 'healers' 110% years ago when the drugs were new- but everyone now knows the consequences of all kinds of drugs. Get real you apologists and would-be rescuers- the addicts are having their own brand of 'fun' at everyone elses' expense. However- rather than punish these fools, I too think that it should be a medical problem- government run clinics at the back of a hospital should be in charge of distribution (not criminals) with a psych ward attached for those who really want to be cured- stiff mandatory sentences for illegal dealing- take the glamour and the profit motive away and we would soon see a dramatic change in demand and social problems.

Blonde Ambition of Sydney 

Blonde Bimbo last part makes sense but somehow puts all users in the same basket for they started

Blonde Ambition of Sydney (Comment 19) said: 'I too think that it should be a medical problem- government run clinics at the back of a hospital should be in charge of distribution (not criminals) with a psych ward attached for those who really want to be cured- stiff mandatory sentences for illegal dealing- take the glamour and the profit motive away and we would soon see a dramatic change in demand and social problems.' -- Very good Blondie, some sense at last. Cousins is probably not a good example of a typical addict and to be honest, I have rarely met a party drug addict ... they are usually weekend rituals attached to a lifestyle - sound like Cousins?. Heroin addiction is different and more & more info is coming out about dual diagnosis (drug addiction & mental health issues e.g. depression). Heroin addiction is nasty. It takes a certain type to do it in the first place ... not a social order type like rich vs poor but a 'depressed' or 'manic' type. Most know what can happen if they go down the heroin track but for some bizarre reason do it anyway. That doesn't strike me as a hedonist attitude but more of a desperate one.

Terry Wright 

Get is straight Terry Wright. Addicts and 'junkies' are scum. Pure and simple. No excuses, no grey lines. The day they get off the drugs and become productive citizens they stop being scum. I certainly do not profess to punish these filthy addicts for the rest of their life, but they certainly do need to be told exactly what they are when on the crap.

Amused of NSW

Sickfuck ... As it said, 'No grey lines' - self explanatory. Here's a guess ... public servant (lower pay grade) with small penis

It seems like Ben is trying to move on with his life, so why dont the rest of you try and do the same. Just because someone is in the celebrity spotlight, doesnt mean they arent allowed to make mistakes. He is only human, give him a break. Live your own lives and let him live his.

michael of sydney

There you go again Terry- there is no difference what substance abuse you favour- your brain ends up fried and your life and relationships stuffed anyway. Poly drug use- whether illegal or prescribed- is the main danger- look at poor Heath Ledger- what a waste!

Blonde Ambition 

Bimbo is losing any credibility she had ... and again, it would help if they actually read my post. 

Terry Wright/Wrong Druggies chose their path and then they dare to call it a sickness,they chose to be sick did you did I shove the drugs into them?get off your high horse.Taking drugs is wrong and you do know drugs are illegal?

Fay Stone of Sydney

'...and you do know drugs are illegal?' & '...they dare to call it a sickness' - Ah yes, the Daily Telegraph reader ... Darwin was wrong.