Terry Wright

I am a recovering heroin addict. I am not homeless nor do I live in a crowded junkie house. I dwell in suburbia with my partner, two fluffy dogs and a cat. I have a mortgage, a car and go grocery shopping on Friday nights.

I don't break into houses or sell drugs to survive but rather I design computer information systems. Yes I work and I am considered a professional.

I was on methadone but I am now on slow release oral morphine which usually keeps me from using heroin. I don't smoke grass and rarely drink. I don't gamble, commit adultery or break the law (well most laws)... but I sometimes resort to heroin.

This site is dedicated to recognising heroin addiction as a complex medical issue and the need for a scientific heroin trial in Australia. It also aims to highlight the carnage caused by inappropriate drug policies and the ulterior agendas of the people who support them.

Please feel free to add your comments.

Addiction was diagnosed as an illness over 100 years ago ... Society has just decided to treat it as a crime.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Terry - I'm a IT professional recovering heroin addict. Have a house, family etc. Love your work.

I was on oral opiates for 10yrs and drugged for 10yrs before that. I went to rehab and have been drug free for a while now and although hard this is the most fulfilling thing I have done for my self and it gets better daily.
The fact is addiction is a disease whether heroin, alcohol or any other drug and it can be treated/managed successfully a day at a time.

Kerry said...

Hey Terry,
Great blog! I to am a working member of my community who is a Mother as well as an addict. Like you I have always worked to pay for my drugs and have not had trouble with the police. I also go shopping for my family,bring up my son, volunteer in the community, and pick up from my chemist. I think there are a lot of people like us out there who have to keep our illness a secret due to societies view of drug use. I am working towards advocating for long term drug users and would love to hear your views.

GNBraun said...

Congrats on a great blog-site. Addicts have been demonised for too long in the media and within society in general. Criminalisation of a state-of-being is a violation of human rights. Addiction is both an illness and a social issue, and should be treated thus, not as a crime.
If you have time, please check out my blog, Hammered: Memoir of an Addict.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

You might be interested to know that members of the group GetUp are trying to get a drug law reform campaign off the ground.

To vote, go to http://suggest.getup.org.au/forums/60819-getup-campaign-suggestions/suggestions/1067729-drug-law-reform-drugs-are-implicated-in-most-of-?ref=title

Also, the Vienna Declaration has been drafted, it, too, supports drug law reform on a global scale.

See http://www.viennadeclaration.com/

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Lot's of respect for you putting this site together. Haven't ventured in too much yet, but reading your 'About' section I found it extremely moving.
Not everyone suffering from addiction fits the media stereotype, they would rather condemn everyone as 'filthy junkies' than admit that the average Joe can face the trials of addiction.
Good on you for getting the good word out there. Kudos!

Eric Frost said...

methadone arrived in melbourne two months before the first shipments or flights of smack as to all the above the nsw police had not one person they could trust to cut the pure shit

Anonymous said...

Im a 43 year old UK mother who is on Morphine Maintenance Therapy. I love your blog. So great to hear from the hidden zone. I would love to chat with anyone about this part of my life that I dont get to discuss normally. My email address is mrspoppyhead@outlook.com

fight 4 human rights said...

we need to wake up and look at the wider picture which means legalize and control drug production and distribution, as prohibition is removing basic human rights the right to ingest what we want aslong as it doesnt harm others