Saturday, 19 July 2008

Cop Overdoses on Stolen Pot & Dials 911

A police officer from Michigan, USA, confiscated marijuana from a suspect and took it home to make brownies for himself and his wife. Apparently they ate too many and had to ring 911 because they thought they had overdosed and were dying. Whilst on the phone to emergency services and "dying", the officer asked for the baseball scores.

The irony of a police officer eating too many marijuana brownies after stealing it, is as comical as the fact that you can’t overdose on cannabis. It seems that this story is so funny that even some media had a hard time reporting on it.


For some though, the incident had a different meaning:

“Special” Brownies


this video really made me think about life. about whether or not i’m really living.

i think, in Christianity, some of us check out too soon.

i go to a church that is vastly made up of grandparents. and most of them have made room for the younger generations to come in and keep the church going. our culture tells us that if we’re not young and trendy and new, then we’re not that valuable. we’re not that important. i think they might be buying into this mindset. i’d give anything for some of them to step back in. for some of them to continue to serve, give, live. sometimes i think they believe they have nothing left to offer.

some of us check out because we are going through a dry season in our faith. we haven’t “heard from God” in a while. we’ve stopped getting the goosebumps when that soloist sings on Sunday mornings. nothing has really “hit” us when we’ve spent time reading the Bible. the church sometimes tells us that if we’re not keenly aware of God, then there is something wrong with us. so we believe we are Spiritually dead. and we check out.

sometimes i think our prayers can sound like the prayers of that cop. “i think we’re dead.”

maybe we’ve allowed ourselves to be taken under the influence of something that clouds our judgment to the point of convincing us we’re already dead.

-Mandy Thompson -

Police officer, Edward Sanchez and his wife were not charged with any offence and resigned before the internal investigation finished. Whilst being interviewed, Sanchez blamed his wife saying that she took the marijuana out of his police car while he was asleep. Unfortunately for Sanchez, his wife had another version of the incident and said that he had tricked her into eating the brownies. After being questioned more intensely, Officer Sanchez finally admitted that he had put the grass in the brownies himself, which they both then ate. He also admitted that the marijuana in question, was taken from a suspect while on duty.

Sanchez’s wife also confessed she had previously removed cocaine from her husband's police car, which was being used to train drug sniffer dogs. She admitted to going on a weekend bender with the stolen coke.


Jack Dorf said...

Terry I once attended a wedding where the cake was spiked with some special butter by some well meaning but cone-dumb stoner mates of the groom. For those accustomed to the effects of pot it was ok. For the vast majority of the guests though it was an experience they will never forget.
Some of the oldies went feral, some ended up in hospital. In the end the Salmon entrées were blamed.

Terry Wright said...

How do you react to this story, Jack?

My first reaction was dismay at how dangerous it is, spiking food with drugs. Not being ready for the effects might just send some people into a stupor, which it did.

Then I laughed thinking it would be funny to watch.

But it dawned on me that I get super-duper paranoid on grass and I would have to leave without saying a word. I would not be able to drive and even ringing a cab and waiting for it would be hard if I was super stoned.

Still, I bet it was a night to remember for you, knowing what caused it. And I bet many will never eat bloody salmon again.

Jack Dorf said...

In retrospect it's a funny story. At the time though it wasn't. I was a bystander who became aware of the facts days afterwards.

Thankfully no one died. The perps & the groom are mates again. But it took a few years & the bride never talks to them, nor should it be mentioned to her, never fucking ever.

One good thing to come out of it though is that a few of us in the know have the great euphemism "Salmon entrées".

thr said...

Some people react very badly to hash muffins and the like. At least when you smoke or drink something, you can control the intake a little more. With muffins and cookies, people can eat a whole bunch and feel no effects for a while, until it hits them, big time.