Thursday, 23 October 2008

Proud Corporate American

America has 1 in 36 citizens in jail, on parole or on probation. Although it spends more money than any other country on it’s "War on Drugs", it has the highest level of drug use in the world . The health system is arguably the worst in the western world and there is an explosion of drug deaths from the diversion of pharmaceuticals. Coincidentally, all these problems that effect everyday Americans are making more money for US corporations than ever before. So it’s probably no surprise that as the US public starts to wake up to the carnage caused by corporate America, Hollywood is called in to remind the people how good they really have it.
Proud American is a blend of bio-pic, drama, and documentary released by Slowhand Cinema in both conventional 35mm and IMAX format. It features five stories that intend to capture the essence of the American spirit, two of them chronicling the founding of Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola. The film holds the distinction of having obtained additional funding through overt sponsorship of the two companies, as well as MasterCard and American Airlines, whose product placement can be observed throughout the film. The film has not been well-received critically or financially. Opening in 750 theaters, Proud American managed to earn only $96,076, or $128 per venue — the worst for any wide release in the United States since at least 1982. -Wikipedia

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