Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Beware! - Drug Dealing NYE Hooligans

It’s new year’s eve and the police are worried. Alerts have been sent out (see below) and the people have been warned. The city is bracing itself for fierce confrontations with police and large scale violence. The potential mayhem has been sparked by that dangerous group known as ... drug dealers!

WARNING!: Do not approach a drug dealer! Ring the police and hide.

For your safety, it is advisable to stay home although a curfew is not being enforced. If you decide to be part of the activities, beware of dangerous drug dealers tempting your children. If approached, look the other way and don’t make eye contact. Drug dealers have the ability to hypnotise you. The police suggest to stay drunk in large packs and you should be safe from the dealers.

Remember, drinks lots of alcohol and keep away from them drugs!

UPDATE: Relax, the police are “looking at Harm Minimisation”. Phew, what a relief. They are not targeting drug users but drug dealers. Luckily when a sniffer dog picks up your stash, they will happily give it back to you. The police have announced they are not looking to charge drug users ... if they are overdosing and give up their dealer, they have nothing to worry about.

Police issue drug warning ahead of NYE
ABC News
Dec 31 2008

Police say they will target drug dealers at tonight's New Year's Eve celebrations. (AAP Image: Tracey Nearmy)

New South Wales police say they will be using sniffer dogs and undercover officers to target drug dealers at New Year's Eve celebrations across Sydney tonight.

The Commander of the NSW Drug Squad, Detective Superintendent Nick Bingham, says police will be at dance parties and other events.

"They go through with police drug dog operations and have undercover police in the crowd - targetting drug dealers not targetting drug users," he said.

"But of course drug users can get caught up in that as well."

He says party-goers should not be afraid to call an ambulance if one of their friends has an overdose.

"The police are looking at harm minimisation for a start."

"We're not looking to charge a person who's taken drugs and become ill from it but we'd certainly like to know where they got the drugs from."


April said...

The blog was great this year Terry. I am looking forward to more great reads this year.

Terry Wright said...

Thanks April

I hope you have a happy new year.