Friday, 13 March 2009

The Propaganda Files - Because We Care

There’s no better way to start The Propaganda Files than with this cracker. From the Drug Free America Foundation(DFAF), home of the infamous Calvina Fay comes this loving gesture. Drug testing is because they care. Yes, employers and schools only drug test you because they have your best interests at heart.

Organisation: Drug Free America Foundation(DFAF)
Campaign: Drug Testing
When: 2009
Link: DFAF Website
Propaganda: 9/10
Laugh Out Loud Rating: 10/10

Substance abuse prevention can and should be viewed as a common concern of employers, employees and students. Most people do not engage in illicit drug use or want to deal with the complications of working or studying with drug abusers. When misunderstandings about the testing process are clarified, drug testing has been proven a deterrent to illegal drug use and a way for workplaces and schools to be proactive in substance abuse prevention.

Are individual privacy rights violated by workplace drug testing?
-The majority of employees don’t use drugs; those who make the choice to be employed are deciding to follow the workplace rules set by the employer.
-Drug testing is highly confidential and does not subject the employee or the test results to public scrutiny.
-Employees have the right to a drug free workplace where their productivity and safety are not compromised by another’s drug use.

I know, I know, it's really funny stuff. So stop giggling like a girl or pick yourself off the floor because there are some serious issues to consider.

Bwhahahahaha hahaha haha

Bwhahahahahahahaha [snort]

"It's a privilege to know someone ..."


"It's a privilege to know someone cares that much about you"

Bwhahahahaha hehehe sniff, oh my. LOL.

I am sorry but every time I see the look on that girl's face and read the tagline I have to laugh, I really can't help it. [snort]

Now where was I. Oh yeah ...

Should your employer be responsible for the decisions you make in your personal life? If most drugs taken the day previously do not affect your work performance, why should it matter? Why isn’t alcohol treated this way? Hangovers and remaining effected by alcohol the next day is far more dangerous but is usually just laughed off. Also, I don’t buy the argument that drug test results are “just between you and me”. Imagine the scrutiny of every decision you make, every time you go to the toilet, if you’re looking tired or rundown. Could you ever take a sick day again without feeling paranoid? Will you get a reference if you leave?

The arguments for student drug testing have been discredited repeatedly but like a pack of hyenas with a rotten carcass, DFAF and other groups continue to gnaw away. Locally, DFAF’s sister group, Drug Free Australia (DFA) also won’t give up. Each study that exposes the harms of student drug testing is simply ignored by DFA and other anti-drug zealots. SA politician, Anne Bressington, who happens to be an ex DFA member went as far claiming support from groups who in fact, did not support drug testing at schools. Coincidentally, her self defined evidence was mostly based on DFAF examples via a visit to the US. You know the saying, “Hyenas of a fervour, eat the carcass together”.

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These (ultra religious) guys are apparently backed financially by the alcohol and tobacco industry in the USA and ran the controversial teenage rehab centres known as "straight" in the US which had a long and terrible history of abuse. They changed their name several times to escape scrutiny.
The Australian Government apparently has used them (Australian chapter) in some advisory capacity sadly.