Monday, 8 March 2010

Cracker Comments - Feb/Mar 2010

Months ago, I mentioned that I might run a special segment called Comment of the Week. It was just a fleeting idea and remained in the To Do file ever since. But recently, I have discovered so many juicy and kooky comments that it prompted me to drag out the Comment of the Week idea.

I was going to call it Squawk of the Week.

squawk |skwɔːk|
verb [ intrans. ]
(of a bird) make a loud, harsh noise : the geese flew upriver, squawking.
• [with direct speech ] (of a person) say something in a loud, discordant tone : “What are you doing?” she squawked.
• complain or protest about something.
a loud, harsh or discordant noise made by a bird or a person.
• a complaint or protest : her plan provoked a loud squawk from her friends.

The example from the dictionary, a loud, harsh or discordant noise made by a bird or a person conjured up images of Colin Barnett farting and the harsh, scary sound it would make. - SQUAAAAWK. But I needed to focus on the actual words that comes out of his arse and not the terrifying farting sound that belongs in a scene from a gothic horror film.

Anyway, squawk was used quite a bit on the interwebs so I needed something new and original. Plus, I couldn’t see myself consistently putting out a weekly segment on time. After tossing around several ideas with friends, we came up with something simple and concise (and quick) - Cracker Comments. It could be a bunch of comments that are “crackers” or it might mean a cracker(nutty person) makes a comment. Either way, both are apt descriptions.

Mike Rann
South Australian Premier
March 2010

He also condemned Ms Redmond's attendance at a rave party.

"I just think that it's incredibly irresponsible for any political leader to attend a rave party," he said. "It comes down to values."

Ms Redmond shot back saying she had been taken out of context when she'd said "ecstasy didn't appear to be as dangerous as some other drugs". She had attended the rave with a drug and alcohol doctor and said she had been been comparing ecstasy to cocaine, crack and ice. She condemned the use of any illicit drug.
-Rann Apologises For Chantelois 'Friendship' - Sydney Morning Herald

With an election fast approaching in SA, the dirty game of politics has began with Labor firing the first shot. Media Mike has taken aim at opposition leader, Isobel Redmond and questioned her “values” for going to a rave. I have no idea why attending a rave with another politician and a drug and alcohol doctor on a fact finding mission is considered “incredibly irresponsible”. If anything, it sums up the current Labor administration that has enacted some of the worse drug laws this decade. Let’s hope Isobel doesn’t lose the shred of credibility she has ... ooops, too late.

Kevin Zuccato
AFP Assistant Commissioner
February 2010

The joint operation between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACPBS) has led to the seizure of 145 parcels nationwide since Monday, police said. Drugs were found in children's soft toys, nappies and books, among other items, AFP Assistant Commissioner Kevin Zuccato (Zuccato) told reporters in Sydney on Friday.

"I think what this demonstrates across the board is just how insidious organised crime is and the callousness of these individuals who would choose to hide narcotics in kids' toys and possibly put kids at risk," Mr Zuccato said.
-'Miaow' Drug Seized In Mail Busts - Sydney Morning Herald

Trying to establish a tenuous link between a recent drug bust and harm to kids is usually the role of slimy politicians but the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has shown recently they are prepared to stoop just as low. The comment from AFP Assistant Commissioner Kevin Zuccato is simply a disingenuous attempt at moral hysteria, an act usually reserved for politicians. If we follow his logic, importing drugs in women’s designer shoes is putting socialites at risk. You have to laugh.

Brian Watters
INCB / DFA / Salvation Army
March 2010

“The other thing that worries me greatly about the thing, we are not providing any really meaningful counselling. When they put out their statistics they say they have referred so many people to treatment. Now, I can tell you, all of the major treatment agencies, last time that I enquired which is probably a year or two, have told me that they have never had anybody come to them from the injecting room. There are certainly people being referred to substitution programs like methadone but the vast majority of people that `I have dealt with using methadone will tell you they are also using other substances.”
-Injecting Centre Pushes for Permanency - 2SER’s Razor Edge

What a twit! According to Watters, Methadone Maintenance Treatment(MMT) is not a legitimate form of treatment and doesn’t count so that’s why he claims nobody has turned up for treatment after a MSIC referral. Thousands of users have actually turned up for treatment via a referral, just not the treatment Watters approves of. And to further shine a light on his twittery, he then makes the rash statement that the “vast majority” of methadone patients use “other substances” as well.

The INCB must have watched Watters for years with great anticipation as he developed into a perfect candidate to join their board; an anti-drug zealot, a fundamentalist Christian, a member of the staunch anti-harm minimisation group, Drug Free Australia (DFA) and chummy with the then current PM, John Howard, who was also a Zero Tolerance advocate. What a scary scenario for humanity.


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