Monday, 12 April 2010

Bogan Schapelle Haters Love The Hillbilly Press

Nothing says moron more than those Daily Telegraph readers who try to out do each other by seeing who can make the most crass and vile comment possible. Especially when it comes to the Schapelle saga that has moron after moron chanting mind numbing comments like, “do the crime, do the time”. A recent article titled, Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health, in the Daily Telegraph and repeated on the website had a total of 82 comments with 11 of them saying, “do the crime, do the time”. A chant for fuckwits if ever there was one.

Suck it up princess... you do the crime, you do the time
Posted by Joe - Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health

What possesses so many bogans to write such mindless dribble? And it’s not just the sheer hatred for fellow Australian, Schapelle Corby that is so breathtaking but the high number of readers who take the time to make these vile comments. Don’t they have pigs to feed or banjo lessons? 
What a croc! Do the crime then do the time! See you in 2024 Schaps!!!
Posted by Ando - The Daily Telegraph: 'Insane' Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve

Most of these readers actually believe they are being decisive and resolute, taking a principled stand on a tough issue and not letting such feeble personality flaws like compassion or empathy to blur their judgement. They may feel they are acting in accordance with morality and just showing recognition of right and wrong but in realty they are simply being arrogant and are most probably, being hypocritical as well. Not being face to face empowers these tiny minds to say things they wouldn’t normally say. It’s all too easy to pretend you’re clever by making confronting, cruel comments when your real identity is conveniently hidden behind an alias on the anonymous internet. 

Just the same old wishy washy story from Schapelle once again, she only got half the book thrown at her to begin with; why do they keep posting this sad sad excuse for life on half-newsworthy sites? She did the crime, now do the time, as simple as that.
Posted by H of Brisbane - Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health

Then of course there are those who think of themselves as more intelligenter than others and like to use grown up words and be more profounder. I can be confident though that if you added up the sum of their collective IQs, it would come to less than 30. With so many clever, self appointed experts, it was inevitable that some readers would attempt to link cannabis with Corby’s mental condition.

Interesting that there is a strong link between excess marijuana use and depression and psychosis and here we have someone who was caught with excessive amounts of marijuana suffering depression and psychosis
Posted by Chris of Brisvegas - Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health

suffering psychosis That would be from the drugs not the jail Let her rott
Posted by Ben of wollongong - Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health

the issues are clouded regarding her apparant mental sickness,if it is the case then there is possibly mental instutions avaialable for such people. The fact remains she has been found guilty of a serious crime and the Drugs she was carrying could if distrbuted could have caused mental problems for others who knows what. I have know pity for any drug dealers or association with drugs they are the scourge of our society, Finally some how the society has also to take some of the blame for allowing the drugs to be so freely supplied over the years without truly stopping the corruption thatis so able paraded every day through our streets.
Posted by ken rowsthorne of Five Dock Sydney - Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health

My favourite comments though are those shrieking out in “think of the children” style and point out that many people would have become addicts from Corby’s dangerous bag of pot. BTW, pot isn’t addictive.

All sorts of situations could cause psychosis including the smoking of marijuana. Should I then feel pity for the thousands of Australians that suffer from psychosis through drug abuse? I have compassion and understanding but never pity. I am not saying that she has drug induced psychosis, but she is being held accountable for her part in the supply of the very drug that does have these effects of many. Should I feel compassion? Yes Should she be held accountable? Yes.
Posted by Bernadette Gregson of Forbes NSW - The Daily Telegraph: 'Insane' Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve

We don't care about her as she didn't care about who she damaged. Her family can say she is still into dope. I think she is as smart today as the day she was caught.
Posted by Jimmy - Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health

You would think that wishing her a lifetime of misery is sufficient but for some it’s just not enough. They have to also blame Schapelle for the media who write about her.

Schapelle Corby is not the only Australian in a Bali goal, isn't the Bali 9 still there?? Do the crime do the time...why is she constantly on the front page, she committed a crime, like others who do the same they spend time in goal without constant front page news!!!!!!!
Posted by Lorraine - The Daily Telegraph: 'Insane' Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve

It's been a few months since a story regarding Corby was printed. So here we go again. Anything to obtain sympathy.If she happens to get released.Watch how miraculously she will recover.She will never have to work again.Because she will be made rich by the womens mags and current affairs programs.Do the crime do the time.
Posted by bruce watson of boambee east - The Daily Telegraph: 'Insane' Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve

Amazingly, some readers think people with a mental illness should be locked up like the 1800s. 

The majority of prisoners throughout the world and in Australia have mental illnesses, should their sentences be cut as well? If she's insane that's more of a reason to keep her inside. We don't want this whack junkie walking about.
Posted by Mr Sensible of Sydney - Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health

Amazing the number of crims who claim insanity as an excuse for their crimes. But according to the Tele poll, few are falling for it. If she "...cannot control her mind, feelings and behaviour", she is a risk to others and obviously can't be allowed out of jail.
Posted by Fred of Chipping Norton - The Daily Telegraph: 'Insane' Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve

Is this really 2010?

Have you also noticed how many comments suggested that, like the book, Catch 22, if she is “insane” then she couldn’t possibly know it.

Interesting title of this article. How can an 'insane' person be sane enough to request a reprieve?
Posted by Justin Hunter of Brisbane - Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve For Her Health

If she's really "insane", she won't know what's she "pleading".
Posted by FuzionMan of Sydney - The Daily Telegraph: 'Insane' Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve

The grand imbecile prize for ridiculous comments in The Hillbilly Press must go to this reader. They managed to include nearly every point I have made so far. Bravo PJDJ of NSW!

He said Corby acts in a child-like way and is susceptible to exploitation. Isn't that her demeaner anyway.Wouldn't that be why she did what she did. I suppose it's worth trying anything, acting that is, to get out. If she is mentally unstable then lock her up in a mental facility. I wonder how many of our poor innocent children & grand children have ended up this way because of drug peddlers like her. If they do let her out on these grounds, & she returns to Australia, then us taxpayers will have to foot the bill for all her medical needs. In the meantime, she will rake in millions in book & movie deals. Do the crime do the time.
Posted by PJDJ of NSW - The Daily Telegraph: 'Insane' Schapelle Corby Pleads For Reprieve

With only a hand full of comments showing compassion for Schapelle Corby, the big question is why? Is Schapelle so evil that she deserves 20 years in sub-human conditions? Has she committed a crime so vile that she deserves to forfeit her mental state and suffer massive depression for the rest of her life? The answer is obviously no so why do so many readers wish upon her as much grief as possible? But there’s the crunch ... most Australia don’t think this way except readers of Murdoch’s Hillbilly Press. 

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Kim said...

Spot on comments you make there. Very well written. Even if Schapelle committed this crime (which she didn't), it's bizarre that a "First offender," caught with some marijuana, is serving more time than murderers, rapists and terrorists. Here's some background on her innocence

As well as here

You might want to join Women for Schapelle too (guys welcome as well)

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. It is those people who are the sad wastes of life. The majority of them are men who a probaly trying to compensate for their lack of genitalia.

Anonymous said...

Those kind of people are our Enemies and should be treated as such.

Josh from Coolangatta said...

Thank you so much for your blog. I am a friend of Schapelle and it angers me when I see all those nasty, vile comments. You are correct with everything you have said! What i don't understand though is how some of the comments get published by the papers in the first place?? They are against the publishing guidelines and at times highly defamatory.

Anonymous said...

"most Australia don’t think this way except readers of Murdoch’s Hillbilly Press." You hit that one on the head!!!

Michael Slezak said...

Great post. I actually don't think its even the way that most Tele readers think. I think there's a special and unusual sub section of them that comment on the website — a particularly vile breed of imbecile.

Terry Wright said...

Thanks for your excellent comments.

Even though I find her family's actions appalling, it is irrelevant to the case. I am fairly sure she is innocent and the handling of the evidence and the investigation would have to be one of the worst ever reported on. The case would have been thrown out if it was in Australia.

That aside, 20 years for 4.1 kgs of pot is ludicrous. And don't get me started on the corrupt judicial system or lack of human rights in Indonesia. What a shithole!

Those who make nasty, sweeping statements in the comments section of our trash media are just rednecks. It always amazes me how these morons can be so cruel for no reason except for their own mixed up conclusions in their tiny, infested minds. As I said in the article, it is simply arrogance riding on what they perceive as being morally right. Of course, anyone with real morals would not scream out for such barbaric punishment on someone like Schapelle Corby who hasn't committed the greatest this century, if at all.

Thanks for your positive comments. Please come back soon.

BTW, Kim, I have put a link to your website, Keeping Schapelle Alive. Please everyone, check it out for some great proof that Schapelle has been wrongly convicted.

Other sites are Free Schapelle and Facebook

DJ Wolf said...

Sadly, those who hate Schapelle the most were those screaming about the injustices of her arrest in January to March of 2005. When they were lead to believe that Schapelle was guilty they felt betrayed by her tears and what they came to believe was an act. They felt duped.

How were they duped? A woman was charged with the crime of importing marijuana into indonesia. It had never happened before. It has not happened since and yet Matthew Moore of the Age and the SMH wrote in his article "Why Australian marijuana is a big hit in Bali" (26th May 2005) that because it was so dangerous for Australian tourists to buy marijuana in Bali (half the Indonesian dealers work for the Bali Police) Australian tourists were selling marijuana to other tourists in competition with the Indonesian drug dealers.

Not one journalist or media organisation objected, reviewed or laughed out loud at this nonsense. Schapelle can't be guilty because there is no way anyone could take 4 kilos of marijuana to Bali and make any sort of profit. The proof is that NO foreigner has ever been arrested in Indonesia for dealing marijuana and Schapelle's case stands alone.

I don't blame the morons. I blame the Australian government that knew Schapelle was innocent just as the Indonesian government knew that Australians were not flitting around Kuta Beach flogging grass which is why all measurable evidence was either vetoed, ignored or destroyed. I blame the Australian media who never questioned anything including the end of all Australian/Indonesian co-operation and Howard's measures to help this "struggling democracy" ended with Schapelle's arrest. From that moment on, Indonesia was a "vibrant democracy" and all Howard's interference in Indonesia's domestic affairs were brought to an abrupt halt.

The morons did what they always do. They followed.

Terry Wright said...

Thanks DJ.

Great comment.

You are spot on with the media and the government but I wouldn't let the morons off so lightly. Check out the BucketHead Awards and a few other articles on this site for some truly appalling comments.

Jason said...

I agree the mrons shouldn't be let off lightly. They have sais some very very vicious and damaging remarks. They should and will pay dearly for it too, by Karma. But it ultimatly goes back to the person who allowed those comments to be published in the first place. The guidelines are perfectly clear. Nothing offensive,illegal,repetative and no personal attacks. The person moderating those comments has blatantly ignored those sais guidelines. So the moderator is the one who ultimately should have their head on the chopping block.

jen said...

I feel so sorry for Schapelle and her family. The media have spread so many rumors about them all. Even the government has spread rumors and that centrelink lady who ended up being taken to court for making up lies about Schapelle, it is just disgraceful. it is appalling how not only Schapelle but also her family have been treated.

Jason said...

Bythe way here is the message that You read when Yo upost a comment on the Newscorp noline papers.
"Thank you for your comment

Please note that we are not able to publish all the comments that we receive, and that we may edit some comments to ensure their suitability for publishing.

Feedback will be rejected if it does not add to a debate, or is a purely personal attack, or is offensive, repetitious, illegal or meaningless, or contains clear errors of fact.

Although we try to run feedback just as it is received, we reserve the right to edit or delete any and all material.
" I think a lawsuit should be in order.