Thursday, 13 February 2014

WANTED: Functioning Heroin Addicts

I was contacted by a TV network to help with a show about functioning heroin addicts. Is there anyone interested in telling them about your experiences? You can keep your identity confidential if necessary.

If so, contact me and I will arrange it.


Anonymous said...

As seen recently on the news on melbourne TV.
Police recently grabbed a number of people caught growing tobacco.
The lvel of violence, small robbery, drink and drug related, Gambling is also and issue.
We are always told of the medical costs to smoking but more money is lost on gambling today. Too much of our politics is directly related to political egos and not getting economic growth and employment for all.
Do you know a small time politician earns 12.85 times that of a single person unemployed in a year. And that is only counting his salary etc. Or 19444 times that of our Banks CEOs.
A democratic country where you vote but end up with bad government both sides of the L & L fence.

Dylan said...

Yes . I've got a couple of very interesting stories that might interest you, I work in a treatment center and I have some clients looking to share some of their stories. We're a treatment center in thailand who mainly treat Australian clients.

Please email me:

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as a functioning heroin addict! Interested to know what angle this documentary is taking and what it's about , can you please ellaborate

Anonymous said...

Are you still searching

Justin said...

I've been using hammer for 37 years. During that time I've done 2 years gaol, 16 years running my own business and 19 years working for other people. I'm currently doing FIFO in WA, have done for 15 years. I do 4 weeks on 1 week off so I guess you could call me a recreational user. I'm 65 years old.

Anonymous said...

Is there such thing as a functioning alcoholic how about a health conscious individual who over indulges in vitamin pills ibuprofen guarana? There are doctors prescribing pills ,anti depressants, heart regulating , anxiety suppressing liver deteriorating substances but the fact that they are listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme(pbs) allows these patients to continue "functioning".Heroin users are not having trouble functioning because of the drug itself,if there were heroin trees(yes I know how it grows and is processed) or outlets or a constant supply of affordable quality product without any risk of financial, social and judicial ruin I can guarantee you that the problems of the proverbial"junkie" would not even register against the evils of alcohol and tobacco deaths let alone the violence and social disruptions that alcohol causes and has caused for Australia for quite some time now. Methadone as far as I know was a cheap synthetic alternative to allow wartime Germany to reduce their morphine costs or as a field pain relief drug.Methadone is not a complete disaster, when the times dictate heroin is accessed through illegal unreliable avenues. When heroin is needed to function methadone is a valid alternative to having to finance and risk a daily endeavour just to be a functioning heroin addict , but is it a treatment drug a maintenance drug or simply a cheaper alternative to heroin for the government coffers? Heroin as a treatment would be easier managed ,less destructive on the addicts body and actually an easier withdrawal when weened off properly. The problem is it is a pleasurable drug at times so once you know the demon it does come to visit . Alcohol addiction is such an issue and a worse withdrawal , aside from these two we are constantly talking about cigarette smokers"trying to quit" a substance which gives them no significant payoff in terms of similarities to drunkeness ,jolly or inebriated yet it is a struggle that most can not deal with.Heroin needs to be reassessed by society as not a drug that people take because they are only concerned with being drunk and stoned, putting heroin on par with any other substance of addiction or reliance, without the added stigma and assumed "junkie" status.
Please excuse my writing it is not of my regular standard but it is still a straight out unedited rant like my other writings.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Gosnells south of Perth. I was addicted to heroin at some point before moving away and never coming back.
Weekends back then consisted of LSD trips, speed ,dope and then we moved to heroin.
30 years later there have been dozens of deaths from overdoses and slow ones from hepatitis related ailments. With the Facebook social media as a tool you also sadly find an increasing number of ex friends from years ago had passed.
Fortunately I have always had capacity to earn substantial income and move away to distance myself. Some have not been as fortunate though and local cemeteries bear evidence to this.

Do not do drugs as I have seen and diarised 30 years of the perils on how school friends to teens then adults lose control. End result many instances death.

carolyn baxter poet said...

Please go to my site and veiw a few if my stories. to name a few. "Living between the tracks"..a story dedicated the deceased actor Philip-Seymore Hoffman."Chess"" "The photographer ". at. my email for interveiw is.

Anonymous said...

of course there are functioning heroin addicts.
I can remember one of geoffrey robertsons Hypothetical shows in which they had a panel of doctors and experts etc and the theme was something like-

"you have a group of surgeons all addicted to one drug or another from heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine, prescriptions and pills etc. You are dying and need an urgent operation, which one do you let operate on you?
The panelists all unanimously chose the heroin addict. They would be the only one capable of functioning normally.
Junkies get skinny and look sickly because of the price of heroin. They stop eating and taking care of themselves because of the perpetual hunt for cash.
If addicts have a supply of pharmaceutical grade heroin and maintain a healthy diet and exercise etc, it can be very hard to tell a heroin user.
Hence the long history of heroin use among doctors, nurses and other medical personal. Many go on undiscovered for years as they have the supply.

Anonymous said...

I have some contacts for your "functioning heroin addicts".How do I disclose my contact details to you in confidence?

Anonymous said...

I am a 'user' in my 50's. I have no criminal record & work in a professional role. would ever guess, I travel overseas regularly (where I never use of course). I can go months without, but I like the buzz off heroin & don't steal & am a very caring person. The amount I use does not make me go on the nod & I am lucky I can afford it. Just as people's use alcohol. Methanphamies, cigarretts or weed, I have heroin as my drug of choice. I don't know any dealers, my friend also in his 50's organises the pickup. Where I live you can get ice dealers in 5 minutes, but I,m not into that! Heroin does not make you aggressive like meth. But I prefer the times that I don't use also. Heroin believe it or not peps me up & I am full of energy!! My friend is a wonderful person & has been using heroin for 20+ years. Anyone that knows him agrees he is an awesome human being! I don't use any other drugs & hate marijuana, would never touch it, but each to his/her own. Heroin in Australia is very expensive, so I think very few people would overdose due to poor strength unless one can afford many $$$. Don't know how they do it, probably burglaries the govt should introduce a scheme like in Western Europe for illicit drugs, then see the crime rate plummet & the demise of the 'dealers'.

Anonymous said...

My friend i must correct you
Because i am a functioning heroin addict and have been for like the last ten years. The twenty years before that was just training, different experiences to fine tune everything. Now i am in complete control of my addiction which is not a topic that comes up at dinner parties but i have a non using wife and have had for 20 years, 2 daughters aged 9 and 12 that dont go without. Both in private schools and doing well, My mortgage which is half payed off and we r going to change to get a better house. I am in a leadership role at my work and am considered to be one of the best. Ect ect honestly i could go on but i have my heroin addiction and pharmaceutical addictions all under control and i function quite normal and positively. I am really happy, complete, mentally stable. I just choose a different kind of release than most thats all.

Anonymous said...

Can u score?i need to get on but my dealers moved and i cant get anything good.i will pay for a dealers phonenumber or contact. I live in perth wa. Peace