Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Drug Blitz Devastate Regional Cartels

A massive police blitz in SE South Australia, dubbed 'Operation Dial' has snared some major players from local drug cartels. 250 police officers including Customs officials, Mount Gambier CIB and detectives took part in the operation which has sent shock waves throughout the criminal world in regional South Australia. As organised crime is still realing from the drug blitz, spirits are high for the 250 officers who are celebrating their one arrest. In a targeted effort, Mount Gambier CIB swooped in and arrested a local woman for allegedly selling methyl amphetamine. A great effort by anyone’s standards.
South East operations manager Sergeant Andy Stott said he was pleased with the results
-ABC News

Amoung the other devastating blows to local organised crime was the cleaning up of the well known drug haven, Naracoorte (pop. 4888). In what police are calling, the biggest collection of drug related busts ever seen in Naracoorte, officiers racked up a record 3 fines. But the biggest news that has police celebrating involves the investigation into a major cannabis growing operation in the insidious, drug infested town of Keith (pop. 1203). Local police woke up early and without even having breakfast, stormed a house, catching red handed a local man cultivating 2 cannabis plants.

Sgt Stott has encouraged anyone with information regarding drug related crime, including sale, production or possession of illicit drugs, to contact Bank SA Crimestoppers on 1800333000 or Mount Gambier police on 8735 1020.

Police Reveal Drug Blitz Results
ABC News
September 2009

Police in south-east South Australia have released the results of last week's state-wide anti-drugs campaign 'Operation Dial'.

Officers from Mount Gambier CIB and Customs arrested a female for allegedly taking part in the sale of methyl amphetamines and two reports were made in Naracoorte regarding the sale and possession of prescription drugs.

Three cannabis expiation notices were also issued relating to the possession of cannabis and equipment, while a drug diversion notice was issued to someone relating to amphetamines.

A Keith man was reported for allegedly cultivating two cannabis plants.

More than 250 officers were involved in the state-wide operation.


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"These are the drugs we have taken off the streets: 9kg of cannabis, 193 cannabis plants, 9g heroin, 11g cocaine, 12g amphetamine and 93 ecstasy tablets."


Full results as pdf:

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