Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Judge Judy and the Marijuana Debate

I should disclose up front that I hate Judge Judy. She’s a first rate twat. Everything I despise about judges is summed up in one annoying package - a bully, self righteous, condescending, narrow minded, cruel and a buckethead. I feel sorry for those who stand before her in court. If she has kids, I pity them too. And her husband must be doing time in hell for sins racked up in a previous life.

In a TV special described as a debate on marijuana legalisation, we got anything but a debate. Jaunty Judge Judy doesn’t even try to be bipartisan and makes her conclusions known before the debate is even half way through. But the real joke is who the Judge picked to represent the affirmative side. A tattooed, convicted drug dealer and a “reverend” of a religious cult who talk to god through smoking marijuana. His name is Reverend Bud Green. Apart from not knowing much about the facts, they hardly get a chance to speak without being rudely interrupted by the jaunty Judge. Her disdain for them is obvious and she even yells at them at one stage, protesting her opposition to legalising drugs. The against legalisation team is what you would expect from a mainstream TV show in the US. Short on facts but big on scary scenarios involving chaos and damaged children. One argument even went as far as claiming there are growing cases of “marijuana babies” being born addicted to pot. Yep, you read that right ... babies born addicted to cannabis. There are some real crackers here and the against team come up with some refreshingly new reasons to fear cannabis.

My advice is to get over the anger quickly then sit back and enjoy some of the funniest TV you will see. Just bear in mind that these people are real and there are tens of millions who will find this video informative. Bizarre as it might be, it still makes for some great comedy entertainment.

The Marijuana Debate On Judge Judy Part 1 Of 2

The Marijuana Debate On Judge Judy Part 2 Of 2


Anonymous said...

I must confess - I have despised Judge Judy since the "give them dirty needles and let them die" comment in 2006 in regards to needle exchange.

Terry Wright said...

Thanks for the info Anon.

I didn't know she said this so I looked it up. What a sick fuck she is!!!

Here's a link

Jest Veggin' said...

I have to admit that I am an American but I, too, dispise JJ and cannot understand why I watch her show because she always ends up making me so mad. She constantly makes judgments about people without knowing the full facts. Today, she yelled at a young couple (who, of course, smoked marijuana) because the guy had slipped disc and proceeded to tell him that everyone has disc disease. I can tell you from my own experience, my disc disease that left a disc resting on a nerve and against my spinal cord is very painful. Everyone is different in how the disc affects them and where it lies. Sorry, I'm ranting but this is just an example of how riled she makes me. Thanks for posting this because I needed others who believe the same as I do about JJ her bigoted views on marijuana.