Friday, 11 January 2008

Great Articles

Great Article in the Herald-Sun

At last, some well researched artciles are starting appear in some mainstream media. Beware of booze on the brain , has Dr Greg Whelan discuss how addicts have different brains from non addicts and if exposed to drugs or alcohol, "it can be a life sentence and source of physical, social and economic problems.  Dr Greg Whelan is the Professor of Addictive Medicine at Melbourne and Monash Universities and is Medical Director of Victoria Addiction Centre.

More Great Artciles

Firesnake and DFA Watch are excellent sites blogged by the Paul Gallagher. Very insightful stuff and compulsory reading.

These wonderful articles on the religious right are available at Firesnake website.

Australias Religious Right: Part 1

Australias Religious Right: Part 2

Even More Great Artciles

Every now and then you read a summary on why drug prohibition is failing. I stumbled on this and was blown away with the clarity and logic for all to comprehend a complex issue.

The Drugs Menace and its Solution by Elizabeth Krantz

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