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Some Great and Not So Great Comments 
I often read really scary comments from readers in the feedback section of the local newspapers. Of course my speciality is drug policy and the many brainwashed opinions of our misguided population. The last pinnacle was the 'drugs in sport' period where John Howard needed some sort of 'Children Overboard' type issue to catch a few redneck votes. The opinions came in fast and furious as every sports star became reluctant ambassadors for our children's morals. It became quite easy to catch support as Ben Cousins kept the debate alive and Andrew Johns meek drug confessions kept the moralist pumped up for more media preaching than we deserved. Funny thing is now that Howard is gone, so is the all so important issue of drugs in sport. Even Marion Jones copping jail only got limited coverage in this so called sports mad nation Howard kept telling us we lived in. The death of Heath Ledger has reinvigorated those suburban drug experts and they're back out in force giving us their wisdom in the online feedback pages. Below is a cross section from several papers of those those thoughtful, well informed and compassionate comments:
Sorry to hear about his death, he seemed to me to never be a happy person, he always blew up at the media and seemed to turn his back on his home country Australia. This is a good lesson for drugs, celebrities can die from them too.
-James of Sydney
To Heath - What were you thinking - you take drugs - you overdose - YOU DIE -just because you are a star does not make you infallible - hopefully you have at least taught other young people to leave the crazy drugs alone -
-Popeye of Brighton, Melbourne
Something is definitely wrong in Hollywood these days. Just because you can be given drugs to ease the pain doesn’t mean that you should take them and in excess.  Life is hard and it’s meant to be.
-Trace-O of The City of Sydney
Damned drug! How can such a wonderful actor, man be so naive to use drug and overdose him. And leaving a 2-years-old daughter behind him. Stupid Hollywood! I ask myself is it possible those people to be our kids role models??? Look at that Britney Spears. She is such a shame.
He was a great actor, after all. 
-Poland Mother
To Everyone who is jumping the gun,
There has been no confirmation that Heath died of an OD, nor that he was on drugs! Let the poor guy rest in peace, He was an amazing actor who touched a lot of people and to tar him with the same brush as an illicit drug user is wrong. My thoughts are with his family and friends they do not need speculation to add to their grief. He will be sadly missed.
He might have been able to act, but it turns out he was a druggie and a bloody idiot.
What’s with all this sympathy? 
Anyone who leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter because of a drug problem doesn’t garner any sympathy from me. Was a daughter and an illustrious career not quite enough to live for?? 
Another spoilt celebrity.
...anyone in his position that needs to turn to drugs for MORE stimulation deserves everything they get. At least other drug users probably have a valid reason for wanting to escape their dreadful lives for a while - whats your excuse Heath?
... I greatly appreciated Heath’s work, and it is awful to see him lose his life to something as silly as drugs ...
This bloke topped himself whether in the process of seeking a high or seeking his own death is neither here nor there. There is no way you can overdose accidently unless you can’t read or come from some obscure part of the world where the normal dose of tablets is 50 a day? Rightly his family has everyone’s sympathy but they should await the result of autopsy and if it’s death by misadventure through drug use they should become anti-drug voices rather than sweep it under the carpet by calling it accidental.
Just another actor with a drug problem. Who cares. You’d think it was Phar Lap.Give us a break.
Another junkie bites the or illegal drug not the point...lets mourn the the hundreds of thousands of children that die prematurely each year...not another dead movie star who did f… all for anyone but himself!
Health: 7/10
Hanging out: 7/10 
Methadone dosage: 75ml

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