Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Morphine instead of Methadone? and Alan Jones is Right(For Once)

I am so sick of methadone!
I had to put up my dose by 10ml to 70ml just to get some relief. Relief came for a few days but it's gone again. The screaming need for some peace in my life has been unbearable lately. I cannot work properly, I wake up every few hours at night and then fall asleep in front of computer which makes me so tired the next day and I cannot work properly again. 
I need to get high ... extra methadone or heroin.
I need the feeling of normality that opiates bring me. I know I am never going to get that initial buzz but to be honest, that's not what I'm after. I want to feel ... anything remotely normal, like other folks who get it naturally, who don't have to pay for it. Sure, I'll take the initial 5-15 minutes of the heroin buzz as a bonus but that's not enough. I want to know I can have another dose during the day. Dream on, Terry.
Replacement Treatment Using Morphine? I noticed at the International Center for Advancement of Addiction Treatment (ICAAT) website, that listed under opiate addiction treatments for Australia, it classes morphine as a treatment. I went to my doctor who prescribes my methadone and asked him if that was true. He was unaware that it was a legal treatment in Australia and told me that no opiates could be prescribed just for the treatment of addiction except the usual suspects, methadone and buprenorphine. Anyway, he wrote me a referral for a specialist mentioning morphine as a possible alternative to methadone. This specialist deals with "pharmacotherapy patients with significant medical, psychiatric and/or psychosocial problems". I have an appoinment in a few weeks. I will keep you updated.
A Glimmer of Hope
Did you know Alan Jones, the ultra conservative shock jock from 2GB actually supports a heroin trial. Yes, back im 1988, he publicly spoke about how he was wrong condoning a trial and the current tough approach was not working. I wonder why John Howard didn't take his advice on this one?
A Glimmer Of Hope  was found on Family Drug Support's website. FDS is a fantastic organisation run by veteran reformer and all round good guy,Tony Trimingham.

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Paul G said...

Good luck on the morphine initiative. I've heard it is an option, particularly with combination methadone. It certainly helps with dropping methadone dose if used at the right times. The Redfern clinic [Andrew Byrne] has written on that subject I think.