Sunday, 27 January 2008

Obama on Drugs

Obama on Drugs Barrck Obama won the Democrats South Carolina primary today by a whopping 54% It was double that of closest Democrat, Hillary Clinton at 27% I was starting to think Hillary was going to continue her romp to the November election as the Democrats candidate and probably president of the US. What a relief! Hillary is just more of the same we are used to in American politics and being a democrat no longer means what it used to. The need for America to vote in some fresh blood and usher in some change is not just a slogan but a reality. With Blair and Howard gone, there needs to be an even bigger clean out of the nation that dictates so much world influence. My main hope is that the bizarre 'War on Drugs' gets to be properly debated as a growing power base has started to question the tactics that have failed so miserably. Obama has stated publicly that he doesn't want to legalise drugs but has hinted at revisiting the US policy. I have no idea if full legalisation would work but something has to be done and with the exception of Republican, Ron Paul, no other presidential contender would make any positive changes. Obama has admitted to using drugs several times and is often quizzed about his book "Dreams From My Father". He wrote that he had used marijuana and cocaine. He said he had not tried heroin because he did not like the pusher who was trying to sell it to him. "I had learned not to care," he wrote. 
"I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though. ..." 
("Blow" is a street name for cocaine. "Smack" is slang for heroin.) 
At Central High School in New Hampshire, he was asked to give the students a sense of his "human side," and what his life was like when he was in school. 
"I will confess to you that I was kind of a goof-off in high school ... I made some bad decisions that I've written about. There were times when I got into drinking and experimented with drugs ... There was a whole stretch of time when I didn't really apply myself a lot." Jay Leno asked him in Dec. 2006 if he smoked marijuana. 
"Not recently, that was in high school" Obama responded. Leno then asked, "Did you inhale?" alluding to Bill Clinton's famous dodge. "That was the point," Obama said.
I find it easy to like this man. He is not afraid to tell the truth and approaches subjects like drug use completely in contrast to other US politicians. In 2001, Obama questioned the tough penalties for drug dealing, pointing out that selling 15 tablets of Ecstasy was the same class of felony as raping a woman at knifepoint.
And this common sense discussion that must have had the conservatives ranting... We need to tackle the nexus of unemployment and crime in the inner city. The conventional wisdom is that most unemployed inner-city men could find jobs if they really wanted to work; that they inevitably prefer drug dealing, with its attendant risks but potential profits, to the low-paying jobs that their lack of skill warrants. In fact, economists who've studied the issue--and the young men whose fates are at stake--will tell you that the costs and benefits of the street life don't match the popular mythology: At the bottom or even the middle ranks of the industry, drug dealing is a minimum-wage affair. For many inner-city men, what prevents gainful employment is not simply the absence of motivation to get off the streets but the absence of a job history or any marketable skills--and, increasingly, the stigma of a prison record. We can assume that with lawful work available for young men now in the drug trade, crime in any community would drop. -Source: The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama, p.257-259 Oct 1, 2006 Interestingly, Obama does not want to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18. The other titbit of information is that amazingly, Obama is a cigarette smoker. I have not seen a political leader admit to being a smoker for a long long time. I am sure this will become a key issue if he wins the Democrats pre selection. How can someone run a country if they are so weak that they can't even give up cigarettes? or if he can't give up nicotine ... can he give up his drugs? We'll see.


Firesnake said...

Yeah, he's growing on me also. Especially when he didn't applaud Bush's State of Union waffle. I knew he smoked ciggies but didn't know he'd been open about other drugs. Personally I think rotating the Spice girls through the White House would be an improvement over Dubya but Obama is looking more competent by the day. Young, black and carrying less shame over joints than cigars. Cool! Plus, poor Hilary looks like she'll need a years sleep by August.

Terry Wright said...

Thanks for your comment Firesnake.
"Young, black and carrying less shame over joints than cigars." Good point.
LOL, Hilary definitely will need a year's sleep by then. Good stuff, that Hilary. Did you hear how she said she was named after Sir Edmund Hilary (just after he died) but when Hilary was born, Ed was still yet to climb Mt. Everest ... in fact he had just started university.

h2 said...

As an American, and ESPECIALLY as a Texan, I love to hear any new comments about Obama, especially regarding grassroots issues. So many people miss that part of what he speaks about.

Obama knows that change begins from the inside first, and once you have support, strength and unity within your community, you can tackle the issues that affect you from the outside. These are things that so many upper-middle class and wealthy don't understand.

It's unfortunate, because although this kind of unity was very fragile at the time, and almost didn't happen, it was the only thing that won our country its independence, and ultimately what helped those upper-class snobs become our "nouveau riche".

Gotta love American capitalism! *GRIN*

Terry Wright said...

Thanks H2

Yes, Obama is sooooo needed for you guys to get some basics back. Unfortunately, what happens in the US effects us all so I have my fingers crossed.

BTW, love the tatts.

Tonia said...
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