Friday, 21 December 2007

Diary: I Am Preacher!


My new found knowledge that, depression and long term addicts failing at abstinence based treatments having a physical connection, has inspired me of late. Having a huge amount of guilt wiped away has got me into preaching mode. I feel like Benny Hinn or Fred Nile ... I must show the heathens the truth!  So with this crazed, emotional surge of righteousness, I go searching the online news sites looking for opinion pages.

I find out quickly that you need to have several names and email addresses. News site moderators can be a fickle bunch and you never know when they'll decide you're on their blacklist for the day or the week. Then I worked out that they track IP addresses so now I have an anonymous site I go through to post a comment. You may have seen me around using different names but I don't need to do that anymore.

What I found was surprising. Australia is full of bigots, racists, Christian extremists, violent hate mongers and stupid irrational people in general. Maybe it's the mentality of the particular news site e.g. Herald-Sun or being Murdoch white trash media. Face it, any news group that has Andrew Bolt and Piers Ackerman as journalists has serious credibility issues. That being said, they were my ideal audience ... why preach to the converted?

I had fun slamming DFA and other moral based policies. I kept exposing zero tolerance and the 'tough on drugs' sham. I repeated endlessly that Canada, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain all had heroin trials ... and they worked. I prompted people to consider that maybe a lot of crime is drug related because drug prohibition creates the value of illicit drugs. I played on the failure of alcohol prohibition and that drug prohibition i.e. 'The War on Drugs' is even a bigger flop. I really push the cost of 'The War on Drugs' in the US as being 1.3 trillion dollars in total. I always put it like this: "1.3 trillion dollars (yes, that's 1,300 thousand million dollars)". 

I notice that if someone disagrees with someone else's comment they refer to that comment in a new post. I had very little of that which might mean my message is sinking in? or maybe they just ignore my post as the ranting of a nutter ... a junkie nutter at that.

Drug Free Australia (DFA)

On my quest to inform the world that I am right and they are wrong, I have been emailing DFA as well. Here's what I have sent them:

You are dangerous people.

The "Winnable war on drugs" is the biggest con in Australia. The evidence to prove how wrong you are is so substantial that you people look absolutely foolish. Your ludicrous views are just plain dangerous and the lives you ruin are worse than drugs themselves. 

The disgust that hundreds of thousands of people feel for your religious based, hate spewing propaganda is a powerful force. These people affected by the drug problem have had loved ones die through ignorance caused by you or themselves are looking for way out of a medical situation only to be dragged into your sick world of distorted morality and treated as criminals.

The report ‘Inquiry into the Impact of Illicit Drugs on Families’ was so bad it received basically NO support from the medical, social welfare and scientific world. Surely sense must prevail and you actually do actual research into the drug problem. Your report was scoffed at as "irrelevant' and "simply silly". How about you leave medical problems to the experts and you go back to whatever you were doing before you decided to ruin thousands of lives.

Remember history is permanent and your kids will have to live with your stupidity forever.

Terry Wright

And then a month later:

I notice you have been a bit quiet lately. 

What? No party listening anymore?

Is the thought of Kevin Rudd bringing in a heroin trial scary? Is treating addicts with respect against your sick ideology?

BTW, so much for the Swedish model you love so much. It's in tatters and you want Australia to follow this outdated religious program?

Now that mental health has been proven to be the cause of long term addiction, are you going to change your view? You will look a bit silly when heroin is prescribed to addicts and you're still ranting about harm prevention. I, myself can't wait.

I found some bed time reading for you: Thank God for Kevin Rudd


Terry Wright

Surprisingly they have not responded.

Notice the link I included. Great article from DFA Watch which slams DFA as well. Well worth a read.

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Paul G said...

Yep, I can relate to comment screening. I'm sure the Pulp and Print Court in Melb, want nothing to do with non compliant comments. More censorship than screening. I used to ask them what the point of likening "starving elderly pensioners" to "gourmet dining prisoners", was. Why waste a page on "taxpayer funded" inmate health/dental care, then mention the three most notorious rapists, murderers and baby killers? I'm still at a loss why profit from confusion and pain is such a standard in the H'Scum as no comments see the light of day. Just single themed agreements.

Or why publish front or double page spreads "Evil killer amongst us", after said evil doer serves 20 plus. Or, highlighting breached parole curfews due to being drunk [criminal genius] thus proving such hopeless cases shouldn't be paroled initially. Or featuring scare commentary from Noel McNamara who advises us on all things that go bump in the night. My toaster can predict what poor old Noel would say. It's pretty sick really. Here's the horrid problem. Here's who to blame. This is what we need to be angry over, here's the innocent "victims" and this bloke knows exactly why. Then, a page full of ranting, venting readers who have no idea if even one line's true.

I'd sometimes note their extended warm and fuzzy stories on hero [family oriented] police and nasty "colluding" force command, in light of Mullett and his striking, dealing, stoned, money grabbing strike threatening ranks. My favourite was the anti-Nixon pro-Mullett campaign, claiming the alcohol driven crime in "after dark King St" on w/ends was due to the disbanding of the drug squad, and the lack of foot patrols - in the digital age. This was backed up by the snoops who spotted a couple of labourers smoking dope at lunch - proving forever our workforce is doomed: or full of moonlighting police - I'm not sure which.

At least they're consistent in keeping any but the most basic facts from reports.