Sunday, 2 December 2007

Ripped Off

It wasn't my drug dealer. It wasn't a street dealer. It was someone much more sinister ... a legitimate, registered business. 

When you're an addict, money is your world. It's not because you're greedy or because you have to buy those wonderful electronic gadgets you want so much. No, none of those ... money can buy drugs. Simple. 

It's extremely difficult to manage money so I work out ways to divert it before I spend it on heroin. I now have all payments from my clients go into a bank account that I cannot access. Mrs Wright has the only ATM card and I don't know the PIN. I have also been removed as a signatory and Mrs Wright pays all the bills. This means only she can access my earnings from the bank account. 

Of course, being a long time user, I try to get around my own safety net by asking clients for cash when possible or making up excuses for Mrs Wright to give me cash e.g. urgent purchase for a client's project. 

Anyway back to getting ripped off. This scum bag business decided I wasn't worth paying after working on a potential project together about 18 months. Skipping the details, it was a huge blow to me personally and even more to my budget. It would have been worth about $20K to me and all up over the last 6 weeks, I have lost about $45K worth of work. I then did what anyone would do in my situation ... blow $150 on heroin.

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