Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Australian, Religious Right, Huckabee and Australia's Worst Poet

The Australian Speaks the Truth about Drugs?

An article last Friday in the Australian explains the scepticism of today's youth when confronted with drug propaganda. It's refreshing that The Australian has taken an almost polar view to other Murdoch papers and equally refreshing that many older Australians are going to be shocked. Shocked that youth don't believe what they have believed for years for years ... that all drugs are evil (unless it's alcohol or tobacco) and all use leads to addiction.

Note: I know of 2 people aside from myself who have added a comment to The Australian article but after 4 days, the comment count has not changed?

Australia's Religious Right

These three articles from firesnake.org give an insight into an incredible story that will seem impossible in a few years time. The rise of the religious right and the influence on Howard's government is documented in detail with some surprising revelations. These are must read articles.

Australias Religious Right: Part 1

Australias Religious Right: Part 2

Australias Religious Right: Part 3

Most Powerful Scary Man on Earth?

Though it's probably not going to happen, there is a slight chance that Mike Huckabee might become the American president - the most powerful man on earth. The scariest of the possibilities obviously needs some research. 

Here's a few facts:

Mike Huckabee once said on TV he has a degree in theology ... he doesn't.

He believes the earth was made in 7 days.

He believes dinosaurs roamed the earth with man

He believes a really big boat carried all the animals, bacteria, insects to saftey after a very big flood and fresh water & salt water fish can live together.

Has been investigated on 14 occasions by the ethics commission.

Mike wants to change the US constitution to permanently ban abortion

...and he actually said this when asked about the growing number of delegates for John McCain: 

'I didn’t major in math ... I majored in miracles and I still believe in them, too.' 

Australia's Worst Poet

Dr. John Ray is that person. I first read one of his poems on GrodCorp.  Incidentally a few posts on has the funniest picture ever of Dr. John Ray. It's a cracker! Anyway, I was so enthralled with the poem titled Sweet Music that when I threw my head back with laughter, I kicked my foot out and hit it on the leg of my desk and hurt myself. Damn poets.

I know it's probably old news but poetry like this needs to stay relevant.

Poetry Here

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