Sunday, 10 February 2008

Dumb Answers, Scientology & Morons

The Dumbest Answers

Website have compiled the worst answers from quiz show contestants. They offer an award called the "Dumb Down" Gold Medal. Here are the contenders:

Presenter: What happened in Dallas on November 22,1963?

Contestant: I don't know, I wasn't watching it then

Presenter: Which American actor is married to Nicole Kidman?

Contestant: Forrest Gump

Presenter: In which country is Mount Everest?

Contestant: Er, it's not in Scotland is it?

Presenter: Name a film starring Bob Hoskins that is also the name of a famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci

Contestant: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Presenter: In which European city was the first opera house opened in 1637?

Contestant: Sydney

Presenter: How long did the Six-Day War between Egypt and Israel last?

Contestant: (after long pause) Fourteen days

Presenter: Where did the D-Day landings take place?

Contestant: (after pause) Pearl Harbor?

Presenter: What is the currency in India

Contestant: Ramadan

Presenter: Johnny Weissmuller died on this day. Which jungle-swinging character clad only in a loin cloth did he play?

Contestant: Jesus

Scientology Gets Some Attention

This from

At the moment there is a large protest happening at every Scientology "Church" & center worldwide organized for the 10th Febuary 2008. This will be the first organized protest to be happening simultaneously and with an incredible amount of people attending, from all walks of life. If you would like to get involved with the picketing or simply wish to witness this amazing effort as it unfolds, I urge you to visit our forums.


Yesterday in Sydney

Dumb Fuck Morons

The Daily Telegraph is the Sydney edition of Murdoch's trash tabloid collection that has been establish in each major state. Along with the Herald-Sun, AdelaideNow, The Courier Mail & PerthNow, there is wall to wall celebrity gossip, lots of sport and good ol' self righteous preaching. The highlight for me though are the readers comments. It keeps me grounded to what what sort of country we really are. It completely backs my theory that voting should not be compulsory or even a right but a privilege that needs to be earned. Like the Chaser, that  flashes up a quote on your TV when someone is undeniably stupid - "This person votes!". The readers comments from the Murdoch rags are often scary and when I read them sometimes I get mixed images of Kath & Kim, Stan Zemanek, Bromwyn Bishop, Col'n Carpenter, Jeff McMullen and Corey.

The other day Ben Cousins announced to the world that he did indeed have a drug problem. He used his announcement to support the World Boxing Association's initiative against drugs , "KO to Drugs" and made a public statement at Mundine's gym in Redfern, Sydney. He was joined by  Sonny Bill and Olympic gold medallist Nova Peris-Kneebone.

Cousins said:

"I am someone who has lost my livelihood, the thing that I enjoy doing most and, probably more than that (I have let down) a lot of the people who are close to me, family and friends.

"At the end of the day I ran the gauntlet, deep down don't think I really had a choice. The very things that make me a great footballer are some of the things that led me to fall into those sorts of traps. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say I have had a drugs problem because for a lot of people they don't choose to do it, in a lot of ways it chooses them.

"From a medical point of view, drug addiction is an illness. It's a very, very hard thing for people who haven't experienced it to get their head around."

All very straight forward so far and any initiative that may help young people avoid addiction is welcome. Whether his heart was in it is irrelevant. What he said is not easy and he had other options available that would be far less trouble. The response though was disgusting ... well maybe not for the Murdoch newspaper readers. I put my views in and was shouted down fairly quickly. I noticed that some readers hadn't actually read my posts and responded as per typical drug hysteria.

"I NEVER HAD A CHOICE" Here we go again, no choice, it's an illness, i am a victim. What a load of rubbish, now he wants to be seen as a bloody hero for overcoming the terrible things that this cruel world has inflicted on him through no fault of his own. Grow up.

downtoearth of Coffs Hbr

Clueless moron

Ben you had a choice when you chose to take drugs,there is only one person to blame and that is yourself,I know it is a sickness but you chose that sickness,I wish you all the best.

Fay Stone of Sydney 

Oh dear ... another moron. We all want to choose addiction and mental health issues

Terminal Cancer is an "illness"- these dopes are just indulging themselves at the public's expense. Why don't you work for Camp Quality or Canteen Ben? All I can see here is a pair of conceited fools who are reasonably good at sporting games.

Blonde Ambition of Sydney

Blonde Bimbo gets one point right ... idolising of celebrities. Still a dumb fuck though

Highly staged...insufferable arrogance

franco of Sydney 

Why ... Why is this arrogance?

Self important, self indulgent loud mouths ... Not Cousins or Mundine but some of the readers. I love these armchair moralists who spew out so many conceited opinions with no truth to them. It's fair enough if you don't like Cousins or Mundine but mixing up your dislike for someone with some 1950s style rant about drug addiction just makes you look foolish. No wonder some of the community still think drug addiction only happens because some people are weak or have no will power. It's because rockapes like downtoearth of Coffs Hb(2) & Fay Stone of Sydney(3) keep dribbling their sanctimonious crap that are nothing but old urban myths. Do some research before you mouth off ... a few minutes on Google and your silly comments start to look like they were written by some primary school student. 10 years from now when Cousins and co are history, drug addiction will be treated as a health issue like diabetics. Stick to rubbishing these people when they actually do something wrong. Targeting people you hate because they're drug addicts is just a modern day version of targeting gays 20 years ago and targeting blacks before that. So passé.

Terry Wright 

I was getting so pissed off by the moronic opinions so I gave my own moronic opinion

Once again half you fools cannot see that this group could change some lives by what they are trying to do. I for one congratulate them all and if it stops one kid black or white from trying drugs,them so be it. I seem to remember some drunking fool radio commentator being busted for riding a scooter with a pillion passenger how stupid is that,so from me put a sock in it and look past your own ego. Anything that can be done to get this shit off our streets is a good thing. Terry Wright you hit the nail on the head.

Darkie McMillan of Sydney 

Its apologists like Terry @ 12:53 PM that are the root of the problem. Are you for real? I can't recall the last time i was robbed or assaulted by a diabetic? Can you Terry? Can you enlighten us with some of your google research? Sounds very clinical to me, just how do drugs enter ones body like a mysterious illness? Are you comparing cancer suffers, with junkies? If you want to clean up after the self-indulgent thats fine, but didn't expect many others to share your view.

Hati of Sydney 

Some fuckheads don't even read what they're slagging. Where do they get their arguments from?

Hati is right- I would have sided with the naive 'healers' 110% years ago when the drugs were new- but everyone now knows the consequences of all kinds of drugs. Get real you apologists and would-be rescuers- the addicts are having their own brand of 'fun' at everyone elses' expense. However- rather than punish these fools, I too think that it should be a medical problem- government run clinics at the back of a hospital should be in charge of distribution (not criminals) with a psych ward attached for those who really want to be cured- stiff mandatory sentences for illegal dealing- take the glamour and the profit motive away and we would soon see a dramatic change in demand and social problems.

Blonde Ambition of Sydney 

Blonde Bimbo last part makes sense but somehow puts all users in the same basket for they started

Blonde Ambition of Sydney (Comment 19) said: 'I too think that it should be a medical problem- government run clinics at the back of a hospital should be in charge of distribution (not criminals) with a psych ward attached for those who really want to be cured- stiff mandatory sentences for illegal dealing- take the glamour and the profit motive away and we would soon see a dramatic change in demand and social problems.' -- Very good Blondie, some sense at last. Cousins is probably not a good example of a typical addict and to be honest, I have rarely met a party drug addict ... they are usually weekend rituals attached to a lifestyle - sound like Cousins?. Heroin addiction is different and more & more info is coming out about dual diagnosis (drug addiction & mental health issues e.g. depression). Heroin addiction is nasty. It takes a certain type to do it in the first place ... not a social order type like rich vs poor but a 'depressed' or 'manic' type. Most know what can happen if they go down the heroin track but for some bizarre reason do it anyway. That doesn't strike me as a hedonist attitude but more of a desperate one.

Terry Wright 

Get is straight Terry Wright. Addicts and 'junkies' are scum. Pure and simple. No excuses, no grey lines. The day they get off the drugs and become productive citizens they stop being scum. I certainly do not profess to punish these filthy addicts for the rest of their life, but they certainly do need to be told exactly what they are when on the crap.

Amused of NSW

Sickfuck ... As it said, 'No grey lines' - self explanatory. Here's a guess ... public servant (lower pay grade) with small penis

It seems like Ben is trying to move on with his life, so why dont the rest of you try and do the same. Just because someone is in the celebrity spotlight, doesnt mean they arent allowed to make mistakes. He is only human, give him a break. Live your own lives and let him live his.

michael of sydney

There you go again Terry- there is no difference what substance abuse you favour- your brain ends up fried and your life and relationships stuffed anyway. Poly drug use- whether illegal or prescribed- is the main danger- look at poor Heath Ledger- what a waste!

Blonde Ambition 

Bimbo is losing any credibility she had ... and again, it would help if they actually read my post. 

Terry Wright/Wrong Druggies chose their path and then they dare to call it a sickness,they chose to be sick did you did I shove the drugs into them?get off your high horse.Taking drugs is wrong and you do know drugs are illegal?

Fay Stone of Sydney

'...and you do know drugs are illegal?' & '...they dare to call it a sickness' - Ah yes, the Daily Telegraph reader ... Darwin was wrong. 



Cam said...

These bogans are not typical Australians at all. They are only 20% or so of this country but give us all a bad name.
Thanks for pointing them out Terry, these so called fair dinkum Aussies are part of our past not our present. I hope to think we are a smarter country than these imbeciles trying to get a shot at 15 mins of fame.

Go get 'em.

Tatess said...

The US where I live is really fucked up/ At the methadone clinics here, if you have a dirty urine test, you are detoxed fast, like in 3 days no matter your dose. Seems like it should be the other way around. If you are still using the dose is not high enough, but instead you are punished.And they call that help. Help for what. Help to feel normal is all most of us are shooting for. My husband had been on Methadone for 6 yrs, not bad test, then on doctors order he was given vicoden 5mg to take daily for a chipped vertabre in his back, methadone didn't even help, so with documentation, he showed his counselor, he continued his methadone and doctor prescribed pain killers for 2 mths only to be told she forgot to document it, (her mistake,not his) so they are giving him a rapid detox, and this a 50 yr old man who does not desire to get high anymore, he is ok with it, but I think it is immoral and cruel to be treated this way. Her not doing her job resulted in him having to go thru hell and probally, (who knows) in to returning to street smack to kill the withdraws and pain, when he had no intentions of ever returing to heroin. Some help the clinic turned out to be. If he does I hope they can revel in the fact that they caused another junkie relapse simply because of the RULES of the government, and fucked up counselors. It is so pointless. 6 yrs down the drain. And to top it off, we have spent a fortune, for six yrs,the both of us, costing us 6000.00 dollars a year to that uncaring clinic. They are in it for the money. They don't want you cleaned up, or their salarys won't increase. I'm not stupid. I can't wait to be off this shit, even tho it has helped, I will wind up back on pills and smack and I know it, because of them and the way they run the place. "So Sad. Just a Merry-Go-Round- and they are getting rich..

Terry Wright said...

Oh Tatess, this is terrible. I am sorry your husband has to do the rapid detox. I did it whilst I was on 110 Ml of methadone and I could not move for a month. It took 10 minutes just to get up. At 50 he should not have to go through this.

They have removed limits here a long time ago. Research shows that most methadone patients are under dosed and because most strive to get clean, they push it down as hard as they can.

We don't have urine tests here (for most). If you use, that's your business, not even the doctor can force you off if you use.

It only costs $5 a dose at a chemist here and it can be free if you go to a clinic instead. That's about $1800 a year. $6000 is just insane - over $15 a dose!

I am sorry about your predicament.
Come back soon