Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Daily Telegraph, Moron Enhancing Drugs & Porn Prison

Who Reads The Daily Telegraph

I always get angry as I read through their website but then I start to lighten up. Then I start to laugh ... I actually laugh out aloud. The Daily Telegraph is arse paper, paper for wiping shit away and flushing down the toilet. The readers / commentators are morons, it employs Tim Blair, the most overrated writer in Australia and it considers Piers Ackerman a journalist. It seeks out the knockers, the loud mouths, the bigots. It stirs up trouble and then looks for a reaction ... usually from the conservatives who love to preach so much. Their are no standards here, anyone and everyone is a target. They have no shame and will report anything to get a reaction from readers ... whether it's true or not. This is not journalism, it's infotainment. Think Heath Ledger.

Below are two examples of this great Aussie newspaper.

Moron Enhancing Drugs

Well Fuck Me! Why are some NRL supporters soooo stupid ... especially those that are Daily Telegraph readers. They are a species of bozzo that could not be properly explained by Darwin. 

Former test captain, Andrew (Joey) Johns scored number one in a recent poll by Rugby League Week magazine to determine the best player from the past three decades. Rugby League Week magazine also has a title for a group of the best players ever called 'The Immortals' and they are now considering Andrew Johns as the next member of this elite group. The Daily Telegraph reported the story and surprisingly only had a small reference to drugs. 

Last year and only three months into his retirement, Johns made an admission of using recreational drugs all throughout his career. It of course shocked many and even with the disclosure that he suffers from bipolar, it failed to stop the stampede of critics calling for his head on a stick. Johns later revealed in his autobiography that he was now clean and explained his drug use as probably due to the pressure to succeed. This also failed to impress and the usual suspects of knockers, moralist and even the then PM, John Howard, declared Andrew Johns a disgrace.

The comments in the The Daily Telegraph were pathetic with ignorance. Many readers somehow confused recreational drugs with performance enhancing drugs. About every 5th comment called him a drug cheat and many of those also called him a liar. He was neither. Every so often someone would explain the difference but they kept coming - Andrew Johns is a drug cheat! Someone did point out that taking recreational drugs would actually hinder his performance, not enhance it. One commentator (dogforlife of downtownbne) obviously read about the differences but came up with his own conclusion. 

'...He is a drug cheat and yes it is performance enhancing, he used it to blow off steam and cope with the pressure of public life, therfore enhancing his capacity to cope with the pressures surrounding such employment ...'

Oh dear god, who are these morons? They all like to think they are moral pundits but without the necessary qualifications or required discipline to do research but they are simply loud mouth self important bogans. The sad fact that he suffers from bipolar is bad enough but to know so many bogans can't comprehend this disorder must have some effect on him. He never asked for help or made any excuses. He paid for his drugs and there wasn't any public displays of intoxication. He didn't grope anyone or get arrested. He played magnificent football and kept at peak fitness. He did what he was paid to do and more. 

The IQ of these readers must be below average and The Daily Telegraph just draws them into one place, like flies around a turd. The following quote sums up most of the nasty comments. (steve of the shire) said this:

'... in any other sport johns would have had to return all medals & honours. drugs in sport is not on, johns admits to being a junkie & lying to the footy world for 10 years, now he get srewarded with league immortality - sorry m8, not me ...'

Film Night in Porn Prison

Story Here

Oh dear, a recreation officer working at a juvenile detention centre rented Wrong Turn 2: Dead End which is R-rated and it was shown to a group of inmates. It never mentions how old they are but does claim one inmate was 15. the The female recreation officer has been roasted for not checking the rating. More importantly, she should have checked IMDB to see how bad the acting was. Apparently is it a woeful movie. The Daily Telegraph ignores the acting and directing and instead is screaming blue murder at the content ... typical. The Daily Telegraph describes the film as:

R-rated slasher film, which featured nudity and sex scenes. 

The film also includes an incest scene between two flesh-eating zombies. Other scenes include a woman being cleaved in half with an axe.

The newspaper also had more revelations:

The Daily Telegraph understands two of the inmates were serving sentences for sex-related crimes yet were exposed to an oral sex scene and semi-naked women.

The Daily Telegraph often likes to quote extreme views and this time it's the 'children's saviour', Former Children's Court magistrate Barbara Holborow:

'Where do they get these people from? When you put a child into a detention centre it's not just to punish them, it's to rehabilitate and educate them, How can you rehabilitate kids if you're going to show them filth like that. Whoever the person is, they should be sacked.'

Maybe these little angels had their world turned upside down and probably will never recover from such 'filth'. Maybe showing our young these movies is evil and their souls are now lost forever. Maybe these hugely popular movies made especially for male teenagers are the source of corrupt morals and who knows where they will be in 10 years time? Maybe a diet of the Home Alone series or The Incredibles is more appropriate for these young, vulnerable minds. The important issue is; unless people stop upsetting the self righteous and the morals crusaders, The Daily Telegraph will run out of stories.


The Editor said...

When I lived in Sydney I used to flick through the Tele in the lunch room at work. I remember those belly laughs fondly.

Terry Wright said...

Thanks Ed.
If you keep commenting here you might just end up giving my site some respectability.
That's scary for a junkie low life like me ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, speaking of Piers -- have you seen the "separated at birth" Krypto put up at his blog the other day?

Any suggestion that I had anything to do with it is a heinous lie, even if there's a considerable element of truth to it.

Terry Wright said...

Yes, I even commented that it had no undies.
Maybe he doesn't need any?

Also I find it hard to believe you would resort to something that low. Not with our Piers.

Anonymous said...

The poor towel was the victim in all of this.