Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Qld. Drug Laws, Amy vs Hypocrites & Methadone on Trial

New Queensland Drug Laws - A Step Back in Time

Queensland have slipped back 20 years and have introduced tougher new drug laws. They were passed by Queensland parliament this week. The land of the sunburnt braincell has just discovered the 35 year old 'War on Drugs'. 

Queensland Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Kerry Shine said:

'Tough new drug laws passed by state parliament will act as a serious deterrent'

The maximum penalties for possession and trafficking of ecstasy (MDMA) is to increase from 20 to 25 years in jail. What makes these changes so futile is that it has been proven over & over again that harsher penalties do not subdue the demand for drugs or slow down the suppliers one little bit. What we do know is that harsher penalties increase prices that dealers charge to accommodate the higher risks. Never enough to stop casual users but enough to cause addicts to resort to crime for their addiction. Ecstasy doesn't really have a problem with addiction levels as rarely do we get ecstasy addicts but still, the higher prices just make more money for the dealers.

''We are determined to fight the increase in drug use in our society and these laws provide a serious deterrent to anyone thinking of becoming involved in the illegal drug trade'

Obviously having never looked outside his backyard, Kerry Shrine has swallowed the guliible 'tough on drugs' line and set Queensland back 20 years. With bonehead policies purely based on emotion and American TV cop shows, it is no wonder the illegal drug market grows each year. Surely these people check the facts and do a little research before spending millions of dollars and effecting so many lives ... surely? If these decision makers worked in the private sector, their hairbrain schemes would never get past the first meeting and they would be questioned as to why they didn't do the proper research before wasting everyone's time on ideas that will never work. 

'... the tough new laws had also increased the maximum penalty for the unlawful possession, supply or trafficking of Valium, Sarapax, steroids, Rohypnol or Flunitrazepam and ephedrine to 20 years imprisonment.'

Maybe the most idiotic change is the increased penalty for prescription drugs. Many people who abuse prescription drugs are not always aware they have a problem. If they do have a problem, surely it's a medical problem and no matter how many times this subject is revisited, jail is still no substitute for hospital. Previously, the maximum penalty for  trafficking was five years imprisonment and possession had a maximum of two years. That is going up to 20 years ... a stiffer penalty than manslaughter, rape & armed robbery! I would hate to be a doctor in Queensland at the moment. Doctors are susceptible to the honesty of their patients and risk going to jail for doing their job. Does this mean that if we actually need these medications then we may not get them due to the fear a doctor has of going to jail? Insane.

It seems these new laws will only deter doctors from prescribing suitable medication because they certainly won't deter anyone involved with illicit drugs. This is not just stupid but also dangerous. Why do we sit back and let these knobheads make laws and policies that do not even meet the minimum criteria of actually ever working? Why aren't they held accountable for the continuing damage they do to people's lives? Why are they allowed to spend millions of dollars of our money on unworkable theories that have failed thousands of times before? Questions need to be asked.

Methadone on Trial in Court

"Methadone Mum" Acquitted: as is just

DFA Watch gives a great insight into the trial of Julie Anne Austin, a woman charged with murder of her daughter. As the article rightly points out, it wasn't really Julie Austin on trial but methadone itself.

Amy Winehouse vs The Hypocrites

If it's not the press giving it to Amy Winehouse then whose job is it? Well it seems a few famous drug addicts have popped up to preach to Amy that she is unsuitable to be part of their world. Probably the most famous junkie on earth, Keef Richards is upset at Amy's habits. During an interview, Keef said:

'She should get her act together, Apart from that, I have got nothing to say to the bitch.'

And toxic twin, Mick Jagger said:

'When we were experimenting with drugs, little was known about the effects. In our time there were no rehab centres like today. Anyway, I did not know about them.'

Ha, yes there were plenty of detox clinics and yes you did know the effects, Mick ... you just couldn't be bothered looking. At least Amy is trying to do something. Mick also tried to explain that drugs were an important part of the music scene. And now there're not?


It seems Natalie Cole has also got advice for Amy. Natalie doesn't think Amy Winehouse deserved her Grammy awards and they should have gone to R'n'B stars Beyonce or Rihanna, both personal friends of Cole.

'I think she has a great talent, but I don’t agree with the Grammys giving her those nods. I think it sends the wrong message, that even in the midst of her stupor of drugs she can get nominated for all these awards. It’s a slap in the face to musicians and artists who work very hard that they turn around and give it to someone who really obviously doesn’t have a grasp of what she has. I’ve been in this business over 25 years and I sacrificed five years of my own life on drugs and almost lost my life because of it. So I take great offense to almost see someone getting glory out of being in the position that they’re in - she needs to get her life together and embrace her craft.'

Natalie Cole is a hypocrite! A fucked up, loose arse hypocrite! The worst sort ... a self important, moralising hypocrite with an agenda.

What if she won an award during her rehab stint? I bet it would be different. Natalie Cole was addicted to crack & heroin and even served jail time for drug possession. Somehow that was different but Nicole doesn't explain why.

The awards are for music and not personality or being a certain type of role model. If, everyone in the music business needed to be clean before winning awards - there would be no awards. I suggest Nicole learns to deal with jealousy.

Another of Cole's friends got in on the act as well. Janet Jackson Said:

'I hear where Natalie is coming from, and I think she would understand it better than I could because she’s been there. She’s been addicted to drugs and had those issues. I could see her side of it, for sure, and it’s kind of a catch-22 for myself, because it does feel like someone is being rewarded for a negative act. And then I think about it, and I’m not saying it’s right, but the music business has always been about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.'

Some people have forgotten that Amy Winehouse won these awards for music? Janet & Natalie are both god fearing Christians and Natalie often thanks God for saving her from drugs but like a lot of born again Christians, when someone else needs saving, their on their own.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Terry.

One thing, though: weren't the Toxic Twins Steve Tyler and the other bloke from Aerosmith?

Terry Wright said...

Very good, a man who knows his music trivia.
Yep, Joe Perry & Steve Tyler were known as the 'Toxic Twins' for their excessive drug habits.
Tyler once told the story where they were groomsmen at the bass player's wedding and were holding up the wedding because they were shooting up heroin with the groom.
True story.