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JunkyLife, Headscarf Bans & More Home Grown Wisdom

Junky Life - How Some Cops Value Druggies

There is a website called 'Junky Life' where users get their own blog to record whatever they feel like. Often they start off enthused and full of vim but like many blogs, they slowly fade as the novelty wears off.

One 20 year old U.K. addict wrote something that shocked me. She was away for a only few weeks and returned home to a broken down door, missing possessions and smashed plates, cups and other vandalised items. She soon discovered that the local police had raided her home. They smashed her front door down and soon realised they weren't going to find much from the residence of a 20 year old female with no criminal record. After swiping her kitchen table, smashing all her plates, cups etc, ripping apart a huge canvas oil painting and emptying various containers onto the floor they then left without securing her flat. She was later burgled. 

The fact that these bozo cops didn't even search her safe or obvious hiding places like locked cupboards is just loose arse policing and make you wonder why they even raided the house. To make it worse, she hadn't been at the property for weeks so any theory of drug dealing goes out the window.

Treatment of some drug users is disgusting and in the ever persistent world of catching dealers, there are few or no rules. Naomi has a drug and alcohol problem. She needs medical help and her life must already be so hard to manage without some misalign drive by lawmakers to catch drug users causing her more misery.

Junky Life - Naomi

Turkey to Remove Headscarf Ban

I was reading that the Turkish Government is planning to lift the ban on Islamic headscarfs (hijab) being worn at universities. Thousands of protesters and the media have warned it threatens Turkey's secular system separating church and state.

Bizarre. Why was there a ban in the first place and why did the ban start in 2002? I think we all know the answer to this and it is just more examples of how the US is fucking up our world's political and social stability. The ban is not part of Turkey's strict policy of secularism but a knee jerk reaction to 911. The demonising of Muslims by the US has filtered into many countries with conservative leaders falling all over each other to implement their own personal bigotry ... now with support of the world's largest superpower and their own populations that fell for the US propaganda. At least now that's starting to unravel ...

Banning Muslim headscarfs is a violation of some fairly basic rights ... personal freedoms, the right to expression, the right to worship who the fuck you want. I wonder if they are planning to ban the Jewish yarmulke or the turban? What about wearing a crucifix around your neck or a bindi dot on your forehead?

Funny enough, John Howard didn't support a call to ban headscarfs in 2005. Resident Liberal Party looney, Bronwyn Bishop and two other Liberals wanted it but was knocked back by Howard.  

In a comment that would have made Pauline Hanson proud, Bronwyn Bishop said: 

" I think from all the emails and the phone calls I'm receiving, people are relieved that they're allowed to talk about it, because it's been pent up. They have felt that in their own country they're being disadvantaged. I've got emails referring to the fact that there are kindergartens where you can't have Christmas carols, an argument which was swept under the carpet when it first occurred, because people were accused of being racist. Now the fact is that people want to address these issues and it's important that we do. And that's why I'm talking about the headscarf as an iconic symbol of the clash of cultures."

The three Libs in question describe the wearing of the hijab as an "iconic emblem of defiance". WTF? Even better, Queensland MP Peter Slipper made this excuse, 

"it's inappropriate for headscarves to be worn at schools" and he thinks "Muslim girls, like other children, should wear the uniform and that special rules shouldn't be made for them." So do wheelchairs break the precious uniform rules? 

You know It's very important to conservatives for children to have uniforms ... one day, the poorer people may like a uniform so much they will join the army. So why do conservatives like uniforms on children so much? Scouts, Guides, Alter boys, military school etc.

And what was Howard's reason for not introducing a ban. 

"I don't think it's practical to bring in such a prohibition ... it does become rather difficult and rather impractical." -John Howard

That's it. No long speech about religious freedom like the Bretheren or the DFA loonies enjoy, just it's 'rather impractical'.

More Home Grown Wisdom

(from Sick Braindead Freaks Who Infest Society)

A report in, told of a prostitute who died after injecting cocaine. The two men with her, panicked about getting caught with the drugs and didn't ring an ambulance. The guy who supplied the drugs did admit to supplying a prohibited drug and was sentenced to an 18-month good behaviour bond. The Judge said,

"I feel that the accused will live for many years ... thinking that had he acted differently ... the outcome for the deceased may have been different''.

This is tragic for 3 reasons.

1/ The gutless dickheads should have rang an ambulance. There were many options where they could have remained anonymous but obviously they panicked. That was so weak ... and unnecessary. 

2/ Why were they so scared to ring an ambulance? If Howard, Watters, Bishop, DFA etc hadn't interefered with harm minimisation and tried to bring back a culture of fear, this woman may have lived. I wonder how many times this happens and we don't hear about it. Is it really more important to catch druggies than waste a life?

3/ The image that pops into most people's minds must not be good ... prostitute shooting up drugs while 2 men snorting coke. The real story is that these people are part of families and part of society. They have mothers, fathers, family and friends. They could be your sister or brother. The feedback in was disgusting and sick. I know I rant about this a lot but we have so many self important, moralising freaks in this country, it makes my head explode. Below are some samples of these braindead cowards, spewing their hate from behind an internet connection:

"Great. One less smacky"

-Jack Doff

"Wow. Only if this outcome could happen to all drug users! It certainly would "clean up" the world. Perhaps other druggies can learn from this lesson and just say no to drugs. Life is tough on everyone but that doesn't mean resorting to drugs to cope. Druggies and pushers are filthy animals."


"She got what she had coming, I feel sorry for the guy"


"Live by the rod, die by the sword...."

-Rich of Sydney 

"I strongly agree with al of melborune. The woman decided to take the drug and she was responsible for her overdose. The man did not have duty of care to the lady and it's up to him whether to call the ambulance or not. It is politically correct but unfortunately morally wrong."

david of melbourne 

"She was 28 ?? So she was responsible for her doing. It is shoking to come to the hospital for a treatment and to be put to the side as a tax payer and some junkie gets priority tratment for some "siknes" they put them self in to."

-Milan Drevo of WA 

"you people have it wrong. this womanwhat she gets. we don't need people like her clogging our society. he didn't inject her, she injected herself. if you've ever done drugs with people you know you do them at your own risk. don't expect to take others down with you if you ruin the party that's not cool."

NATHCORE of Brisbane 


-DJ of Gold Coast 

"Should we go after the dealer that sold John the bad gear or what about the guy who cut it and what about the compadre who swallowed the condoms for the flight here then crapped it out for the cash... Her life was worth what she sold it for and not a cent more. Nobody forced her to sell her body and stick needles in her arms. There are jobs available at Woolworths that present far fewer risks, but she didn't want that. The day you decide to get high is the day you die. Sometimes the day takes years and sometimes it takes minutes but you do die."

-Sir Fred of Earth 

Aside from the horrible comments above, there are some decent and humane comments.

"I can't help but wonder - if it had been a young woman with a more honorable title than 'prostitute' if the punishment would have been any more severe. He supplied a drug to her, and then watched her die without aiding her. Perhaps i'm wrong but that sounds like manslaughter at the very least. The result of this case is a pretty dark commentary on our society and the way people some people are viewed as less valuable in life and in death."


"Unbelievable, this is the mean-spirited Australia that John Howard leaves us after 11 years of teaching us to hate what he saw as the under-classes. A country that no longer says "how can I help?" to those who are having a bad run, but "they got what they deserve". The Magistrate is merely reflecting what he sees as current community standards, if any exist at all in the Sodomic city of Sydney any more. Rudd is not perfect, but at least I feel as a nation we might now be taking the path back from "them and us" to just "us" again."

-chris of allice springs 

"Dear David of Melbourne, yes, they did have a duty of care. It's called Humanity, and it means that when one comes across an ill or injured person who requires medical assistance, one calls an ambulance. I sincerely hope that if I were incapacitated, someone might do so for me. That is the least that should be expected."

-Emma of Canberra 

"I am horrified! What has happened to basic common decency? No matter what she did for a living, this lady who died was someone - she was someone's daughter, someone's granddaughter. No one deserves to die in circumstances like that, knowing that the person you are with, no matter who they are doesnt care enough to call for help. My heart goes out to this lady's family. Lucky I believe in karma.....what goes around comes around."

-CJ of Hunter Valley 

"you people who say that she deserved it are nothing but scum! No one deserves it ... it's that kind of bigoted brainless attitude that is gonig to destroy our country ... and for all of you people who are pontificating about drugs, i quote bill hicks "....all those great albums .... take them to the trash and burn them .. because the people who made them .... RRRRRRRRRRRRReal high!" "

-james of london 

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Anonymous said...

just wanted to say to all the insenstive b*****s out there that my sister was 21 when she died last week, she was not a prostitue. but she did smaoke pot and take weed. she had a 1 yr old son. a "friend" injected her with heroin which she had never taken before, and my poor sister died. this girl did not call an ambulance until my sister was dead and she had ransacked her house looking for stuff to sell etc. no body deserves to die from drug use. even if it was through choice. i hope this bloke lives a very long life as he will have to live with the guilt forever. he should be ahamed of himself.