Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Damn! I screwed up again. I came into some money yesterday. Not a lot but just $100. It was cash for a software upgrade for a client. I was feeling pretty tempted and I crumbled. I rang my dealer and went to score. Now I have more money to pay back. The cycle of money is scary and it is so obvious why drug crime is so high. There are 2 types of dealer. The main kind is a user-dealer who wants to pay for their own habit. They have a few choices;
1 - Go to university, get a degree and become a high paid professional. Have a nice big wage.
2 - Become a street criminal and rob people or break into houses.
3 - Become a paper criminal and forge cheques, get involved in internet phising scams or credit card fraud.
4 - Become a heroin dealer. A heroin user-dealer is usually not a sleazy fucker who hangs out at schools. They have decided to avoid crime and sell to support their habit. You often strike up a bit of relationship with your dealer so you can get credit if you're short of the cash sometimes. Usually if you're short, the dealer will allow you get "tick" of $10-$50 out of $150. To get the whole deal on tick requires you to know your dealer really well and he has to be in a position to do so. Many user-dealers buy 1-3 times a day and if they don't have enough they can't pick up. User-dealers are more human than the business dealer. If you are trying to quit, they are genuinely happy for you knowing how hard it is. They will never refuse your money but still they understand. The second type of heroin dealer is different. They do it for money. They don't use and have no empathy for a strung out junkie with no money. These people are NOT your friend but often are able to give a bit extra now and then to keep you sweet. It is a business relationship only. To get credit is hard and usually requires a security chattel. A good mobile phone or a gold ring will normally do it. My dealer is Vietnamese and I have known him since a year after I started using. He is nice enough but has a junkie wife and a child to support so the deals are a bit light. The biggest problem apart from money is timing! His 10 mins is 20-30 mins or "I'll be back in 5" means 15mins to 2 hours. Trying to balance a business and hiding my using to my partner requires delicate timing.

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