Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Diary: Melbourne Cup Day

First Post!!

DIARY: I hate horses! That's right, horses ... and Melbourne has a public holiday for a horse race. Can you believe that, a holiday!

I don't know why but I have always just hated horses. I also don't think much of gambling so if you add horses and gambling you get ... HORSE RACING! foooeee.

FYI: Horse is common name for heroin. It's not used much now though.

Anyway, a holiday is usually reward time e.g. Xmas or my birthday so the Melbourne Cup holiday gives me the false feeling of a reward. mmm I've got to be strong here. I got throught the day only thinking of heroin 349 times until I lost count ... just after breakfast. I worked instead. I sat in front of my beloved Mac and worked on a database for a client.

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Pets b4 people said...

What do you hate horses for???
At least they have self control.