Monday, 26 November 2007

New Start?

You know I was not impressed with Nicola Roxon's response to what is The ALP's drug policy and I really thought we would just get more of the same conservative, "War on Drugs" rhetoric.
With this in mind, I was shocked to see our new leader who looks uncannily like the milky bar kid go to work the day after winning the election. No BBQ or sleep in after too much red wine but off to church, lunch and then work. He's not even PM yet. If the his first day (a Sunday) is any indication of what Rudd is about, maybe there's hope.
  • Ministerial code of conduct to improve standards of accountability in government. (No more Bushesque/Howardite secrecy where ministers often refused to allow advisers to appear before parliamentary committees)
  • Implementing changes now ... right now. Dismantling Workchoices, Kyoto, hospital reforms etc. Called in his team to fly to Brisbane for meetings on a Sunday, less than 24 hours since Howard officially conceded defeat.
  • The bright star for me personally, Julia Gillard has already hinted at saying "sorry" to the indigenous people of Australia.
  • A few reports have suggested Rudd is a rationalist and very much for reason based politics leaving his religious/moral views behind. One could only hope.
More Political Madness
I was sent this link by Paul at Firesnake (
S.A. Democrat, Sandra Kanck has questioned the Hon. Ms Bressington's bill aimed at banning drug paraphernalia (bongs etc.). Surely people like Bressington aren't taken seriously? How can Sandra Kanck's argument be ignored and Bressington's views endorsed? How ... how? Fucking madness.

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