Thursday, 22 November 2007

Ho Hum ... oh and my heroin trial

Diary: Another day, another depressing day...

It's been a while since I had had my medication of choice. Well, less than a week but that can be a long time some weeks. I am not particularly hanging out but just flat. Living in methadonia does that. I am trying to get my dose down to about 20ml and then switch to buprenorphine for a week. I can then do the one day detox and then I am officially clean.

Sounds simple. The problems are getting my dose down to about 20ml, switching to buprenorphine and of course ... staying clean. But ahhhh, the taste of that sharaz, the joys of waking up horny, going out and enjoying Australia's stunning autumn mornings etc etc etc. These are normal events for most of you but just a memory for me.

Diary: My Heroin Trial

I am always trying to get clean in one way or another. My dose regularly drops but when I feel doomed it goes up again. As more and more research results show that heroin addiction is not because of being weak or having no will power, I have slowly changed my views. Maybe I need heroin? I have very low serotonin levels and have unusual cravings for sugar which started to make sense when I found out that most drug addicts have been found to be hypoglycemic. To add to this an Australian university recently discovered that heroin addicts and methadone patients have had a part of their brain diminished. This part of the brain controls your will power! It would explain how seemingly normal people will do anything to get a hit / self medicate (the terminology is dependant on whether your a mate of Piers Ackerman or not).

So, I went off methadone for 7 days and used heroin as a replacement. I had the money saved so I wasn’t having to focus on how I was going to pay for it. The difference was incredible. My taste buds came back, my sex drive reappeared, my taste for red wine returned, my appreciation of going for a walk with my pets grew, my love of cooking returned, I slept properly for the first time in 10 years, I woke each morning without the ‘methadone aches’, I was much more alert, my depression was almost non existent, I was smiling and pleasant and more. Interesting enough was that a doctor friend supported my trial as he based his beliefs on science/medical evidence and NOT moral judgement.

I wish I had more evidence to show you and had the links ready, but they are there. This information is available easily if you want to find it. Why can't politicians or so called journalists find it? I suppose we have been brainwashed into believing the religious and moralistic viewpoint that addiction is a sin.


Major Brian Watters of the Salvation Army actually said that. "Heroin addiction is a sin!" He said this as the chairman for the Australian National Council on Drugs in 1998. (ANCD) BTW: he was handpicked by John Howard.

No Shit!

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Annette said...

I saw this documentary on ABC and was quietly stunned at the arrogance of our PM. He had an agenda to enforce his moral guidance on the population but when no one agreed he took his toys and went home. Until he came back with Brian Watters, a ultra right preacher.
How typical of this government, especially John Howard.

Paul G said...

Ironically, the power of prayer followed the Major. Now on the board of Drug Free Australia it's disturbing to note the ideology of attacking the immorality of drug use, includes savaging the ANCD.
In fact, it's more a case of attacking the opposite of the utopic frozen smile world they imagine.
Check out "The Drug Advisory Council" - David Perrin. An example of hundreds in a trendy new viral 'marketing' scam. Problem is, Bruce and Sharon Oz, believe this rubbish. DFA is our "peak body" looking like a sports camp. They harass HR proponents globally, hide behind "addiction specialist" labels and generally promote bigotry, hatred and rejection of imperfection.
Has to be one of the very few health related "peak bodies" w/out a single mention of "disabilities".
Somewhat indicative of the grasp on reality they have.
Or, as their patron - Margaret [god owes me for my power] Court - is capable of growing ovaries, curing arthritis, cancers, via touch the only other conclusion is chilling.
Fred Phelps would approve, methinks...

Anonymous said...

Yeah right.
Give out free heroin. That will fix our drug problem.

"Give me a 2 litres of milk, today's paper, oh and some heroin". at your local 7-11 store.

daksya said...

Have you heard anything about co-administration of ultra low-dose opioid antagonist?

Terry Wright said...

daksya said...
Have you heard anything about co-administration of ultra low-dose opioid antagonist?

No I haven't until now.
I followed your link and found some really amazing news. This might lead to the last of opiate addiction as we know it.
I sure would love Australia to have a trial of heroin/morphine/codeine with naltrexone mixed in.
Thanks for making my day.

Anonymous said...

sounds a lot like Suboxone which is buprenorphine plus naloxone (which is similar to naltrexone) which is already available I've heard. Like subutex/bupe - you still would have to decrease down to a low dose of methadone to start on that or you'll go into precipitated withdrawal syndrome. I wish they had all that before I made the uninformed decision to go on methadone.

Terry Wright said...

Thanks for your feedback.
Naloxone has a slightly different chemical makeup which doesn't have the same abilities as naltrexone. I'm not sure of the full details but there seems to be a lot more hope for an opiate/naltrexone rather than buprenorphine/naloxone.
See my post: