Sunday, 11 November 2007

Diary: The Weekend with No Money!

DIARY: I am so broke this weekend! I live week by week financially. I am probably like a lot of people but luckily I don't have kids. I don't know how they do it? A client did not deposit a payment I was really waiting on. We had $120 for the whole weekend, that's shopping, smokes etc. First of all my partner was not happy. Secondly: we had a fairly bare fridge and thirdly, I was feeling delicate. I was sort of hoping to score this weekend but that idea soon disappeared. Damn government! Why didn't they start the heroin trials in Australia. FYI: It's 10 years you know, since our moral policeman, John Howard decided to throw away 6 years of research and declare that "it would send the wrong message". You know he commissioned about 20 experts to form the Ministerial Council on Drugs Strategy. It had Doctors, Professors, Healthcare specialists etc. but was chaired by Salvation Army leader, Major Brian Watters, who was chosen by Howard himself. The first recommendation was a heroin trial along the same lines that Switzerland and The Netherlands were having success with. Well, Watters of course opposed it even though it had every member's support. They all resigned after that claiming they were just there for show and that Howard had no plan of ever changing his moralistic and law enforcement approach. The trials were supported by most liberal and labour party ministers, the federal police, the AMA and most experts Australia wide. The main opponents were Howardites like Alan Jones, John Laws, Piers Ackerman etc. It's sad to think that thousands of addicts like myself are treated as weak or pathetic because we have serotonin deficiencies or other health issues that push us to self medicate. I wonder if you treated diabetics like this if there would be an uproar? I know most of you are now thinking that it's a cop out but before you mouth off, do some research and you will find that all is not black and white. Opium addiction hits people from all aspects of society. So much so that Switzerland and The Netherlands have now made heroin a prescribed drug. So much research is now turning up showing us that drug addiction is not because of poor free will but a neurological disorder. 10-20 years from now history will show how cruel governments were to prevent proper treatment of drug addicts ... and all because of distorted moral views. Related Links: The heroin trial ten years on: giving science no chance - By Dr Alex Wodak

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