Thursday, 13 March 2008

Diary: Some Cheap Advice

Diary: I have been very quiet at writing on the personal front lately due to my new treatment. I also thought more people would be interested in 'news' so I tried to keep that as the focus of my posts. Amazingly, I have had heaps of 2 emails asking me for personal experiences. No idea why as I am sure they have enough problems of their own to deal with. 

I mentioned last week that I am now on morphine instead of methadone and it is really taking it's toll. Man, the depression is killing me. At least on methadone, my mornings were good but morphine just keeps flat all day. I have no idea how anyone gets high on this stuff because I feel nothing ... not a thing. It holds me like methadone but there's certainly no so called 'euphoria'. Lately though I have started to get more of a balance and hopefully I will have it sorted over the next week. I have picked up a few tips to feel better. I have never relied on anything but medication before to get me through so this is new to me as well. 

Sleeping: When I start to feel flat - I go to bed. Yep 10 - 30 minutes does wonders. 

Walking: I try to walk my dogs every night now and since it's March, the weather is spectacular(Australia anyway). I have started to walk mornings as well. Just 10 minutes does it and it's a good start to the day. 

Coffee: A cheap legal 'pick me up'. 

Heroin: When all else fails. 

Before my current treatment, I planned my usage to act like a reward. I would set a certain day I could use and if I started to falter, I would talk myself around it knowing that the day was coming that I could use. I started at once weekly and got to once every six weeks. This worked well and I got my methadone to a fairly low dose. Unfortunately the depression set in and everything changed. If I wasn't predisposed to opiates and I had no depression, I might have been clean by now. It's also a great way to save or put money away for when the day comes.


Anonymous said...

Since when has promoting heroin to heroin addicts been good advice hey Terry?

You might be all fucked up on drugs but dont push your illegal advice to other junkheads. Give them to the police and they'll give them real treatment in gaol.

Junkies are weak, they don't need MORE DRUGS they need to be responsible and if not, let the law sort them out. And please no wineing about depression and other excuses, cause like stress and anxiety, they're just excuses for weak people.

Terry Wright said...


Go back to church, you're boring.