Thursday, 27 March 2008

UN Still Slaves to The US

The UN's narcotic arm, The INCB are slowly being exposed for the their real role in the international narcotics industry. This supposed independent organisation is nothing more than a front for the US led "War on Drugs" ... and it's getting some countries upset. The latest victim of the INCB is Canada and their bid to stop the spread of blood-borne diseases like HIV/AIDS. Part of the INCB annual report was an attack on Canada's safe injection facility and the distribution of disposable crack pipe mouthpieces. The INCB claims these programs breach part of the UN's convention against illicit traffic in narcotics. Of course it is all bullshit. When these countries signed the UN convention, they certainly didn't expect for the INCB to dictate their countries internal policies. Cindy Fazey who drafted the UN Declaration on the Guiding Principles of Demand Reduction had these harsh words about the UN in 2003:
Unfortunately these individuals also see their role not only as the guardians of the conventions, but also the interpreters of them as well. In their annual report they have criticised many governments, such as Canada for permitting the medicinal use of cannabis, Australia for providing injecting rooms and the United Kingdom for proposing to downgrade the classification of cannabis, which would entail less serious penalties than at present. These criticisms go far beyond their remit, and indeed it is hubris to criticise the Canadian Supreme Court.
Back in Canada, the safe injection facility known as Insite wasn't going to go quietly. Senator Larry Campbell, a former mayor of Vancouver and a former coroner, told reporters he would personally block Insite's doorway if officials tried to close it down. He went on to describe the narcotics board as:
"Stooges for a failed U.S. war on drugs"
Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan also dismissed the board's report by insisting it simply didn't understand Insite's success:
"The way we've approached drug addiction worldwide has been a failure, we need new approaches. We need to be open to innovations."
These programs have proven themselves over and over and over. How can any organisation, especially a humanitarian organisation like the UN, justify stopping programs that save so many lives and get addicts into rehab? It is so far from any logical reason that the UN now just look silly ... and corrupt. Any country that dares to stray outside the US style of zero tolerance is threatened by the UN to be contravening the narcotics control act which they have countersigned. Being a front for the US led "War on Drugs" and pushing US morals based drug policy on other sovereign countries is not the role of the UN. As Canada, England, Parts of Europe and Australia continue to be bullied, it won't be too long before these countries and others will start to ignore the UN and rely on their own evidence based findings. Banishing the arrogant and intimidating INCB to the history books can only be an improvement to the worldwide drug problem and a step forward for mankind.

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