Monday, 3 March 2008

Govt. Get Tough On Drugs In Sport ... Again ... Again

Oh dear, here we go again. Drugs in sport was such a hot issue ... until Howard stopped raising it. Fortunately, he couldn't say anymore because he wasn't PM anymore and soon the issue disappeared. Not wanting to be beaten to the title as the 'Tough on Drugs' political party, the government has decided to stick it's head in the sand and blow hot air out of it's arse by declaring they are working on a new policy. Late last month, Federal Sport Minister Kate Ellis confessed to preparing a new anti-illicit drugs policy for sport aimed at enforcing tougher standards for all national sports. So it seems any hope for a sensible debate on drugs in sport is looking slim.

Federal Sport Minister Kate Ellis:

“We want to be very clear that our sporting role models aren't sending any mixed messages to the broader community as we try and make it clear that illicit drug use in unacceptable and dangerous...”

These deluded politicians are mixing up performance enhancing drugs with illicit drugs. I have no tolerance for drug cheats in sport either. It is a professional industry and based on competition. It needs a level playing field and taking performance enhancing drugs is cheating. If they weren't competing, then who cares but as we saw with Marion Jones, the effects it had on other competitors was devastating.

Recreational drug use is personal. They have no contract with the government or some moral overlord (like Dr. Who) to be a role model to kids. They are not obliged to resist drugs or alcohol just because they're sports stars. It's their business and no person or government has the right to make them separate from society because Australians are a 'sporty bunch' or that we still see ourselves as part of Howard's Australia, idolising sport. How moronic is it that other celebrities like musicians or actors are known for their liberal use of drugs but sports stars are too good for that because they are, well, basically they are good at catching or kicking a ball.

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