Friday, 7 March 2008

News.Com Forums Attracts The Loonies

An article on about the Bali 9 and how three of them had their death sentence dropped to life imprisonment, brought out the loonies once again. I cannot fathom how easily these readers rattle off such violent and cruel comments. 28 of 69 comments wanted the Bali 9 hanged or shot dead for their crimes.

"The 9 are HUMAN garbage,parasites,bullies+PUS. tHE kind of weak thugs who laugh at people smaller,or alone,in Maccas! Put them on the express elevator to hell! Corby may have been innocent+ was not into the ppoison of herion.Keep some BALANCE."

Posted by: scullcracka - Comment 66 of 69

The hate is astounding but maybe they don't have the capacity to think through information properly because of insufficient brainpower. Maybe they are just sub-level humans and need a new category - Homo arsefaceions to separate them from the general population. From reading through them, a pattern emerges of cowardly self important egomaniacs sitting behind a PC for protection trying to get heard because no one else will listen to them. I just can't imagine living with one ... brrrrr - scary.

"they knew what they were doing.Shoot the Bali bombers then the drug traffickers .Then the story ends.No prisoner exchange"

Posted by: mark from brisbane of Brisbane - Comment 65 of 69

The constant mixing up of topics is reflective of their basic primary school level of thought. Connecting drug mules to killing thousands of Australians is common. Confusing inappropriate sentencing with 'they knew what they were doing'. I posted several posts which none got published. It seemed the moderators were hand picking controversial pro death penalty comments sprinkled with a few normal reactions but throwing in fluffy religious fodder which promptly got ripped apart.  

"actually corrine, if you are cuaght for murder in bali and are indonesian. you get presented to a firing squad and shot dead. just because its not on the tv or in the papers don't be an idiot and judge. its only because these people are australian that the media plays. Trust me, a lot of indonesian people get killed in indoneisian jails for murder. so in future, get your facts right before you open your gob. In my opionon them and the idiot corby should've been killed already. WHy should they get an appeal when they knew what they were doing. Why should corby only get 20 years for saying she didnt know there was a 4kg of pot in bodyboard bag. what an idiot, i'm pretty sure i;d know the weight difference between 4kilos and body board. they should all be shot. Regardless of the families at home, what about the drugs that we just going to destroy opther peoples lives. I bet their parents don't think about that."

Posted by: null of sydney - Comment 40 of 69

The standard of grammar seems to be particularly low for most of the comments. Does this suggest that the commentators are too young and not qualified to make such profound statements or they are simpletons who know how to type? I especially love the above comments from - 'null of sydney' (The name sort of sums it up ... 'null'):

" in future, get your facts right before you open your gob..."

Then there are the funny comments, not because they were well written or the author was being witty. You must read on, it is well worth it.

"This story reminds me of vegetarians, they are vegetarian because they don't want to eat animals but if they were just 2 inches tall the animals would have no problem eating the vegetarians.... My point is that the bali 9 are in a bad situation however if it was somebody else they would probably be laughing and wouldn't have a care in the world as they would be out on the streets dealing drugs and robbing people or beating people up however we are in no place to judge them for good or bad, just let the legal system do its thing and get on with your lives."

Posted by: Adam of Melbourne - Comment 43 of 69

"I can't understand how people in Australia can have such mild attitude towards drug trafficking. If someone kills somebody by other means everyone cries how brutal that is. But how many people one can kill in his/her life time? 1, 2, 5, 15? Even being a world record serial killer, you'll have a countable number. How many people and families are destroyed by drugs? Can any of you wuss give me a number? Not mentioning other social problems associated with it. Drug trafficking and distributing is as serious as any kind of crimes one can ever commit. Do we really need to collect a pile of corpse to make you people realize it is a deadly bloody crime and these traffickers deserve nothing less than death row?!"

Posted by: wzz of brighton - Comment 59 of 69

Finally we have the reader who separates them self from the rest of society. The pretentious notion that they would not lower themselves to be as human as others ... even if it meant disowning their family.

"My loved ones wouldnt be that stupid, and if they were I would disown them cause I have no tollerance for people like that. dont you "compassionate" people know that because of your SOFT veiws that we are all going to suffer with generations to come turning to crime cause the risk outways the punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Posted by: steve of Melbourne - Comment 24 of 69


Anonymous said...

Stop destroying my faith in humankind, Terry!

Gledwood said...

Hi just a quick message...
I did answer your query (some time back) but forgot 1 or 2 points

OK you also asked about dealers

ours are not Vietnamese! They are "indiginous" (ie anglicized) black kids or Jamaicans...

the Jamaican connexion originally opened up through crack cocaine

a few years ago they were busting dealers of crack and grass (why grass with crack? gimme a break! that cannabis shit does more than anything else to shove me over the edge into a psycho state... well whatever...)

now it's strictly heroin and crack

the heroin comes almost exclusively from Afghanistan, like I said and is imported by TURKS

there are lots of Turks in London

they have a sophisticated importation network

fair enough more than x10 as much cocaine as heroin is used in this country (I mean even just in crack more than double the amount is used).... but still nearly every big drugs seizure we hear about here is COKE hardly ever heroin...

i even.. I mean "even" as if it's a surprised heard that the crusties (dreadlocked anarcho neo-hippies... "new age" travellers... you know the folks I mean you must have/have had something equivalent at some time)... well I went out with one for nr 2 yrs she was involved in that scene right at it's crux and peak and said "suddenly" just when the govt thought these people a genuine "danger" (they're hardly al cyder) heroin FLOODED on to site.. cheap, plentiful heroin.... and i've heard that "fact" several times before... that the govt actually orchestrated this to keep undesirables under the heroin thumb and thus politically thwarted... rather than come at them full-on ("we own houses and lead normal lives: you have a diy lifestyle and threaten us so we'll put you in prison...) rather than do that they put them on heroin. I'm not one for conspiracy theories but I genuinely believe that one :-<...

as for dealers in my time (10 yrs) i've scored of 50 or more dealers. now i tend to be conservative and give one favoured dealer most of my business. but if he's not on for whatever reason i've got 3 or 4 more who i have known for years and who i trust... many addicts literally use multimultimultidealers but I don't trust a lot of these... many are young kids who will take advantage if they think they can, their attitude usually STINKS (ie you're a junkie, THEY have the drugs. YOU will wait. because you need their shit .. etc etc this attitude is very prevelant)..

i couldn't give my business literally to one person bc what if he got busted? or trouble? or can't get?

there's no "front line" ie place for scoring on the street near here. though there has been (don't know about today) in Brixton and in the West End near Beauty and the Beast the stage play which is on the cross of Oxford St going e-w and tottenham ct rd/charing cross rd running n/s

the street is more for scoring crack than heroin

my heroin is sacred to me I will NOT accept crap sizes or quality nearly every time I've let someone else talk their dealer up and gone to them I've been disappointed

heroin IS crap because we all have whacking great tolerance to it, we don't need a weakened, adulterated or under-sized product on top of all this...

so basically a lot of people use maybe 10-15 dealers though these tend to be the night people using the 24-hour crack market, the heroin deals aren't so good in my opinion here

me and my friends (i'm the biggest crack fan among them) use heroin dealers and are prepared to wait some time for them to come. and get a proper deal and strong (as srong as is going)... I have about 4 dealers I have regular contact with, maybe another 3 I know but don't tend to use

but ideally i use my one best trusted guy

what a rambling answer it's late I got to go take it easy

i'm always fascinated by what things are like abroad but if you read my today's post i really wanna go europe but no way am I dragging my heroin habit with me like a multinational ball and chain no WAY!