Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Piers Does Drugs ... Not Feminism

Peirs Akarmen (aka Fatty Fatty Boom Boom) is a strong and robust reporter for the Daily Telegraph. A precise person who hates his name spelt wrong. A roly poly crusaders against drugs.  A man of steel, a real man. Last Sunday on ABC's Insiders, a heated discussion on whether the 2010 summit board had enough women, zeroed in on comments made by the head the Affirmative Action group, Catherine Harris. The discussion brought up the point that Catherine Harris thought the male to female ration was out of whack and more women should be on the board. 

Peers said: 

"This is not what Mrs Harris is aspiring to because she is looking for sheer numbers". 

Barrie Cassidy replied jokingly:

"I suspect she's Ms Harris". 

Pieres response was:

"Oh, she is married to David Harris".

Of course, we can't have those new age fem-fascists challenging tradition, can we Mr. Akamann?.

Out of curiosity, I googled the man brick. To my surprise, this self appointed crusader against drugs is or was a cocaine user. He was also one of the goofballs who influenced Howard on rejecting the call for a heroin trial in the late 1990s. One link I found was to a NSW parliament hearing where independent Richard Jones (1988-2003) ripped into Peres for being a drug addict and for sexually harassing co workers. Ha Ha Ha, Oh I laughed so long and loud. This fat cockhead who is so vocal in his disgust of drug users is himself a druggie. I have even had a run in with him about drug policy on his blog where he declared:

"zero tolerance is better than that idiotic policy of harm minimisation".

I suppose he could afford his cocaine and didn't need help so why should he care for those who can't.

Here is a snippet from that parliament hearing in 1997:

The joke is that Piers Akerman, when he lived in Albion Street in the 1970s, used LSD and marijuana regularly. He also used cocaine regularly when he was in the United States of America, in Los Angeles and Washington. I have spoken to someone who shared a number of cocaine lines with Piers Akerman. He was a drug addict. He also sexually harassed young female employees of News Limited in Washington and was sent back to the United Kingdom, where he tried to become the editor of the London Times but was denied that. He tried to get a job recently with the Sydney Morning Herald but was denied that, too. Here we have this hypocrite who is working hard to oppose what would have been a very useful reform in the drug fight in this country and now he is working against the interests of the community by torpedoing that. He himself was a drug addict and he still is a drug addict on legal drugs to this very day.


Bron said...

Oh, yeah, Piers. The cokehead stories have been around for years - and I'm told Piers HAS admitted to a previous problem with cocaine on his current blog (in his comments to the comments - never directly in an article).

Don't know if you saw it in your Google searches, but there's a now-defunct website dedicated to Piers, called Piers Watch, imaginatively enough. I believe it was run by a few union (and maybe some non-union) contributors, in response to Piers' attacks on unions and the union movement in general. Piers also wrote some inflammatory shit about the waterfront disputes of the 90s.

Terry Wright said...

Thanks Bron.

I saw that site. I wonder why a cokehead like Ackerman is so anti-drugs?

Who knows.

Andrew Bolt said...

Akerman is a fat, retarded cunt.