Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Equality Wins in Spain / Americanazim in Australia

The Socialist Party in Spain has won another term in office and are to introduce important social reforms. The reforms are new laws for gender equality, new procedures to speed up divorce and the introduction of same sex marriages.

The key election promises to be introduced are major wins for equality and of course fiercely opposed by conservatives and the Roman Catholic Church.

This also renews hopes for the successful heroin trials to be extended throughout the country that had been stifled by pressure from the conservatives.

Americanazim in Australia

Right wing hate blog, A Western Heart has a serious problem. They can't spell. Sure they have spell checkers but they seem to have them set to US English.

"And the public adulation Obama receives is eerily reminiscent of how Hitler was received by vast numbers of Germans. But you have to know history to realize that."

"When you mix Leftist Ideology and Socialized Medicine"

AWH is a an Australian right wing hate blog authored & managed by 'Staff Writers'  which is made up of mainly Christian extremists, ultra right wing conservatives and Dr. Tingtong, president of the local model railway club. The common theme of the contributors is the hard leaning to Right-wing Authoritarianism.

AWH has an infatuation with American conservative ideals, especially those associated to the GW Bush administration. Links to their main contributors personal blogs are usually adorned with the American flag or have links to Israeli political issues.This hybrid of Australian politics and American conservative culture often includes references to American issues like gun rights, war glorification, GW Bush admiration, evangelistic ideals, pro Israeli aggression and other neocon ideology. 

Most articles have familiar themes and attract like minded individuals.* These themes include racism, Christian extremism, anti feminism, crime reporting and anti left wing opinions. All very much part of the Ackerman, Bolt & Blair type politics and social commentary. AWH does have some non political articles including pictures of cars, girls and guns that they will never own or touch.**

*Elijah is still learning

** Spud guns and popguns may be still be available by mail order


Ant Rogenous said...

From MK's 'about' page:

I like America and most Americans too.

Except Muslim ones, Leftist ones, environmentally aware ones; any who were born outside of the United States; any who don't believe it's their obligation as a red-blooded American to carry a handgun to church, the shops and school...

Apart from all of those, he "likes most Americans".

What a fucking idiot.

Terry Wright said...

LOL Ant.